Mean Betty on Poor, Bankrupt Teresa Giudice

Teresa Guidice, the real housewife, is facing a public auction of her McMansion property. Mean Betty's heart bleeds!
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Mean Betty on Poor, Bankrupt Teresa Giudice

The real housewife is facing a public auction of her McMansion property. Mean Betty’s heart bleeds!

-Mean Betty

Teresa Giudice

Oh the poor dear! Mean Betty’s heart just bleeds for Real (desperate?) Housewife Teresa Giudice. Truly it does. As anyone can see, The Giudices are CLEARLY just another victim of the recession! Honestly, what has our society come to when a decent hardworking family has to auction off their suit of armor to pay their bankruptcy debt?

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Suit of armor

Paging Charles Dickens!

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15 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Poor, Bankrupt Teresa Giudice

  1. That circular seat! And the bad part about all this is, I’m sure the furniture wasn’t cheap! I’d rather go to Ikea – their stuff looks better than this.

  2. How in the HELL can everyone feel SORRY for ppl whom PUT themselves in DEBT! the broad was spending like crazy… AS IF SHE REALLY HAD IT LIKE THAT.. YIKES! I know she wish she put some of that cash away… for a rain day like the day of her auction. >;0

    I remember in the first season Terese stated “WHAT RECESSION”! and pulled out all this cash to take her fugly monkey looking daughters shopping. I’m SORRY but Gia is NOT PRETTY at all! FABOLOUS! LMAO!!!!! Just like ALOT of Americans… spending money they DON’T have!

  3. Teresa asked this question of her stylist on the eve of her “housewarming”: “Ain’t I a nice person?” Since the stylist, most certainly, was in no position to give an honest reply, I’ll do the honors: “No, Teresa – actually, YOU SUCK!!!” I’m doing the happy dance knowing that you and your crappy values are goin’ down in flames…LMAO!!!

  4. Wow yeah boy do I feel sorry for this idiot no actually I don’t an as for that furnirure that is going to be auctioned of I wouldn’t furnish my doghouse with it much less my house it’s gaudy . Yeah poor thing I’m going to go cry for her now. LMAO

  5. PS – The only people in this sorry scenario who Hillary feels the least bit sorry for are the four little Giudice gals. They have been so spoiled and utterly unprepared for life in the “real world,” one can only dare to imagine what fresh hell Teresa is going to face when she takes her daughters to the local Kmart to shop for back to school clothes. Talk about rude awakenings!!! 😮

  6. Okay. I have been watching this show since the beginning. Teresa does not seem to be very intelligent. She may be a nice person, at least she seems to be nice to her friends. She seems to have her head in the sand as far as finances go. I do think she is doing a disservice to her kiddos by spoiling them rotten. She gives them everything they want, even though she and her hubby cannot afford it.And the kiddos always seem to be whining about something. One day, like now, the gravy train will stop running, and then the kiddos will not know how to cope and will really be impossible whiny brats and Teresa will be saying, “I don’t understand it. I gave them everything and now they are disrespectful to me.” She is giving them everything material but is not teaching them how to live with disappointment and that they will not always be the center of attention.

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