Mean Betty on Kim Kardashian's "Royal Wedding Number 2"

After all, what is Kim Kardashian if not American Royalty?

Mean Betty on Kim Kardashian’s “Royal Wedding Number 2”

After all, what is Kim Kardashian if not American Royalty?

-Mean Betty

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Glittery ponies! A  $2 million custom-designed, 20.5-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond engagement ring! Rose petals,  a star athlete, and a potential NEW Kardashian reality show … It must be … Kim Kardashian’s Engagement! But kittens, if you think the engagement, which was, apparently, orchestrated entirely by the Kardashian clan puppetmaster / ringleader Kris Jenner, was a big deal, hold on to your fascinators because The Wedding is yet to come.

Maid of honor number 1 Khloe Kardashion tells, “It’s going to be royal wedding number two.”

But of course, pets! As the insightful Rob Shuter of  points out: “Indeed, Kim sees herself as part of an American royal family of sorts, and her wedding will reflect that.”

His source, a “friend” of Kim’s, reveals, “Kim’s wedding is going to be bigger than Tom and Katie … In fact, she wants it to be bigger than William and Kate’s. … Just like Kate, her dress will be kept a huge secret until she steps out of her limo or maybe she will have horse driven carriage.”

Pardon Mean Betty while she undergoes an eye roll of unprecedented proportions.

The source continues, “The wedding is going to be massive. They are talking about having multiple weddings around the world. All of which will be recorded to air on TV and have hundreds of celebrity guests attending … Kim is not a low key kind of person.”

Gee, really? Mean Betty always thought Kim Kardashian was the shy and retiring type, the kind of girl who would really want to focus on the deep spiritual meaning of a marriage ceremony, and avoid turning it in to a circus at all costs …

People are already drooling over how much money those circus wedding photos are going to make — estimates a cool $2 million.

Hey Kris Humphries! Great news! That engagement rock just paid for itself!


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Kim Kardashian's "Royal Wedding Number 2"

  1. Multiple weddings around the world??!!?? How gauche. Kardashian’s are a prime example that money cannot buy class; money certainly can’t buy royalty.
    She is overpaid as it is and then to put on such a grandiose display of affluence is downright pathetic.
    They are mere shells of people.

  2. I COULD THROW UP from this obnoxious, shallow, no talent, self absorbed, money grubbing family!! They are no more royal than the Kennedy family is!!! THERE IS NO ROYALTY IN THE USA!! Unfortunately, they are NOT going to GO AWAY anytime soon!! :-(

  3. Royalty? She spread her legs and had it videotaped! THAT is her claim to fame. Sickens me to think there are girls, women, etc that view her as a role model (by her own admission, of course.) WOW.. how utterly clueless and vapid she is. The demise of our society – reality TV. These people think theirs is the life everyone envies.. and sadly most Americans do! Disgusting.

  4. So “who” is Kim Kardashian? Perhaps, if everyone started spending more attention to how “we” are being “enslaved” instead of…then maybe…just maybe, the “price” of gasoline will come down???

    Well…obviously that’s NOT going to happen!

    Soooooo…what channel is the “Wedding On???” huh? huh?…please! please! tell me! tell me!


  5. The ring, multiple weddings the whole thing is as ridiculous as all the Kardumshians are. No talent sluts, all 3 of the girls. I just wish they would go away and the media would stop reporting on them and treating them like celebrities when they are just whores.

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