Mean Betty On Camille Grammer's Need To Share

Please shut up Camille Grammer; our ears hurt.

Mean Betty On Camille Grammer’s Need To Share

Please shut up; our ears hurt.

-Mean Betty

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Mean Betty is puzzled. It’s not often that Mean Betty has to put down her fortifying breakie of olives and martinis (think of all the vitamins and minerals!), but Camille Grammer is truly an enigma. First, the “Real Housewife” (Ha!) told us that Kelsey Grammer, her fleeing ex, was a cross-dresser. Now she tells us that she had a sexless marriage! Please Camille, make up your mind! And how, pray tell, did you have two children? Oh that’s right, you had a surrogate. Hmm, was that because it was reported that you didn’t want to wreck your figure with pregnancy?

 Mean Betty wonders … what exactly that drew Camille to Kelsey in the first place? (Ca-ching!)

Poor Camille. She’s scrambling so hard to create a sympathetic persona for herself after becoming, as the tabloids call her, “the most hated housewife ever.” Alas, every action she takes makes her seem even more crazed and publicity hungry. Her two latest ploys for friends came via The View and The Joy Behar Show. On The View, Camille shared that she and Kelsey didn’t mesh sexually. Kittens would you stay in a marriage for 13 years if you never got any nooky? Mean Betty wouldn’t.

Then to make sure that everyone felt sorry for her, she went on Joy’s show to reveal more. When asked who was to blame for the boring bedroom behavior, Camille said, “It could be both … But (it was) more on his end.”

Nothing like dumping one’s responsibilities on someone else! It makes one look so loving and caring to the world. Also, it makes the single men run … away.

Mean Betty remembers Camille cavorting on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, patronizingly going on about how more fantabulous her marriage was than the other wives’ relationships, and how Camille was married to an “A-lister.” Mean Betty can still picture Camille looking down her surgically enhanced nose at everyone, stating that she was “thirty percent busier than the other housewives.” Was that because she had to supervise four nannies?

(Mean Betty does sympathize a bit — it’s so hard to watch over a butler and a pool boy, especially when they’re shirtless … but Mean Betty digresses!)

Camille, Camille, Camille, every time you publicly open your mouth, you stick your Jimmy Choo in it. We’re getting tired of you first informing us how much better you are than the rest of the unwashed masses, then backtracking and crying (without tears, as that would wreck your eye makeup) about how miserable your marriage was. Has it occurred to you that one day your children will learn how to Google?

As Taylor Armstrong once famously said on RHOBH, “Enough! Enough! Enough!”

For the love of martinis everywhere, please stop sharing. Perhaps you should take up a nice, quiet hobby? Like mime?


Mean Betty

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