Mean Betty: Hugh Hefner Gets Engaged!

Mr. Playboy and Crystal Harris are getting married

Mean Betty: Hugh Hefner Gets Engaged!

Mr. Playboy and Crystal Harris are getting married.

-Mean Betty

Hugh Hefner Crystal Harris

Hey there kittens, Mean Betty does hope you had a fabulous holiday filled with family, presents, love, and plenty of spiked eggnog. One person who had a rather eventful holiday was Hugh Hefner, who popped the question to his 24-year-old girlfriend Crystal Harris. What the heck is going on with Hef? Could he actually believe in marriage?!

It was only a few years ago that Hef was running around with SEVEN girlfriends, which he eventually pared down to the famous three Girls Next Door stars Holly, Kendra, and Bridget, and now, the world’s most famous bachelor is ready to promise “till death do us part” to only one woman!

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Well, kittens, Mean Betty thinks just maybe Hef is making a good move with this whole engagement nonsense. After all, he is 84! How much longer can he keep up with the antics and shenanigans of multiple girlfriends?! Crystal seems a little more low key than Kendra and Holly, who parlayed their relationships into super duper careers. Crystal might actually be there for Hef in his old age and change his Depends before they hit the club.

Maybe people look skeptically at Crystal and Hef, who have a sixty year age difference, but Crystal insists she is not after Hef for his money. The model told the News of the World, “A lot of people talk about the age difference between Hef and I, but I don’t see the age difference at all. If anything, I feel like I’m the adult and Hef’s the kid.” She also insisted: “I would say that I’m not after Hef for his money. I have my own career going.”

Frankly, Mean Betty thinks all the haters who are giving these two a hard time should chill out. If an 84-year-old guy wants to marry a 24-year-old blonde Playmate, and she is into it, well, then go on with your bad selves.

Congrats you two crazy kids!


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