Mean Betty: Bret Michaels Proposes After 16 Years!

The rocker pops the question to girlfriend Kristi Gibson

Bret Michaels Proposes After 16 Years!

The rocker pops the question to girlfriend Kristi Gibson.

-Mean Betty

Bret Michaels

Hey Kittens, Mean Betty is quite confused! So Poison rocker and “Rock of Love” star Bret Michaels just proposed to his girlfriend of – gasp – 16 years Kristi Gibson, but the whole event just seems like one big, long wacky story.

After all, wasn’t it not that long ago that Bret was cavorting around on VH1’s “Rock of Love Bus” trying to find his “true love?” It certainly was entertaining, what with crazy trashtastic contestants like Heather, Megan, and Daisy all jutting out their leather clad booties and showing off their classy tats for a chance at this “Rock God’s” hand.

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But wait a second, where the heck was Bret’s betrothed, Kristi Gibson, the one he has allegedly been with for 16 years?! Well, well, well, kittens, the plot thickens, as Kristi was hanging at home with their kids, Jorja, 5, and Raine, 10. Wait, what?! Where was she when all this Rock of Loving was going on? Ahhh, they must have been conveniently “off” during their on/off romance.

Well, apparently Bret was just a little gun-shy and has always been “waiting for the right moment” to make his babymama an honest woman. Hmmmm, OK. Well, the “right moment” occurred coincidentally during the season finale of Kristi and Bret’s new reality show Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, when cameras just happened to capture the whole thing! What are the chances?

So was Bret’s heartfelt proposal, getting down on one knee and uttering the most romatic words a woman has ever heard, “Please say yes or the rejection will kill me right now,” for real, or was this just a convenient season finale?

Well, kittens, let’s see how this all plays out!

Rock on!


Mean Betty

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  1. They won’t get a divorce. They will have a years long engagement and then maybe a series wedding if the intrest stays public hit. They are like Gene simmons and shannon. He’s always loved her, the rock star talk is just this is a woman that has given him 2 children and was by his side when he almost died. they belong together. I wish them the best, maried or unmarried!

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