Mean Betty's Black Friday Shopping Violence Round-Up!

There's getting a deal and then there's getting arrested for it. Meanie even has videos to prove it!

Mean Betty’s Black Friday Shopping Violence Round-Up!

There’s getting a deal and then there’s getting arrested for it. Meanie even has videos to prove it!

-Mean Betty

black friday violence

Kittens, next to ‘tini, sale is Mean Betty’s favorite four letter word. However, after the unspeakable incident whereupon Meanie accidentally backed over the pool boy after she blearily attempted to drive to a Black Friday sale, Meanie has spent her Black Fridays home snuggled deep under her covers.

So when Meanie heard that a woman pepper sprayed a crowd at a Wal-Mart in Porter Ranch, California, because she really (really) wanted the deeply discounted X-boxes on sale, Meanie was thrilled to have stayed in bed. Alejandra Seminario was one of 20 shoppers at the store who was affected by the spray. She spoke to the LA Times. “People started screaming, pulling and pushing each other, and then the whole area filled up with pepper spray…I guess what triggered it was people started pulling the plastic off the pallets and then shoving and bombarding the display of games. It started with people pushing and screaming because they were getting shoved onto the boxes.”

The pepper-sprayer successfully made her purchases and left the store, while the other shoppers were dealing with stinging eyes and throats. Much, much later she turned herself in. Police officer, Lt. Abel Parga told the New York Daily News, “Somehow she was trying to use [the pepper spray] to gain an upper hand.”

The below video captures the madness!


Oh and lambies, the store never closed after the spraying incident. In fact, some pepper-sprayed shoppers stayed and continued to shop!

If you think this was the only case of pepper spray, think again! According to the New York Daily News, an off-duty police officer sprayed shoppers with pepper spray at a Wal-Mart in North Carolina. Their offense? They started grabbing items off the shelves before the salespeople could finish putting them up. At a Sandusky Wal-Mart, a police officer was yelling at customers for being unruly. Talk about manners patrol!

Kittens, let me ask you this deep and personal question, do you have a burning desire for waffle irons? Apparently shoppers at a Wal-Mart in Little Rock were overcome with a passion for them. They were marked down to $2 and yes, kittens, another melee erupted.

Oh it wasn’t just Wal-Mart shoppers who went crazy lambies! Oh No! According to AP, groups of shoppers outside a Macy’s in the Arden Fair Mall re-enacted a scene from West Side Story: a stabbing occurred between two groups of people who were waiting for the store to open.

Ladies may love Victoria’s Secret, but according to some ladies, there’s just not enough Victoria’s Secret love to go around. At a Pittsburgh Victoria’s Secret Store, women starting punching each other out over yoga pants. The Daily Mail had a round-up of Black Friday violence, and this piece just stood out! At a Modesto, California Victoria’s Secret, extra police and barricades barely kept shoppers from attacking the store!

 At another Victoria’s Secret Store, panties were flying everywhere!


In New York City, Toys ‘R’ Us opened its doors at 9 pm. Shoppers left their families and dinners early to get inline for Xboxes going for $200 and other goodies. And of course kittens, something had to go wrong. One woman (could she be related to the woman in LA?) decided waiting in line was just not for her. So she cut the line. According to the New York Daily News, other customers didn’t like her idea of “competitive shopping” and told her to get back in line. Security officers told her to get back in line. But, she didn’t think that she should have to wait. After scuffling with everybody, she, much to her dismay was tossed from the store.

Kittens, around the country, the shopping frenzy left a grandfather injured, a few people stabbed and, at a Target in West Virginia, a man suffered a heart attack and died while shoppers stepped over him according to the New York Daily News.

A Hollister store was burgled because shoppers were tired of waiting in line, according to the Daily Mail. Shots were fired in malls across the country.

Now Meanie could go on and on about what happened at an H & M Store in Virginia, or how customers ran over security guards at an Urban Oufitters.


But seriously kittens, Meanie wants to know one thing: where the hell did this sense of entitlement come from? Why is it okay to cold cock a grandfather trying to protect his trampled grandson? Why is it fine and dandy to break into a store to get a deal if it’s going to open in a few minutes anyway? And for the love of God, when the hell did pepper spray become a shopping accessory?

Yes, Meanie understands that a steal is a deal. She and the butler religiously scour the ‘net for coupons on vodka health tonics. And yes, the economy is in a frightful state. However, why and how did it suddenly become okay to almost devour your fellow shopper for an item that at best, may be only 20 percent off?

Who the hell are these people who feel that normal, decent human behavior doesn’t apply to them? Why is it (tacitly) okay to feel that you are positively, absolutely, and forever allowed to do what you want without suffering the consequences? Meanie would love to live in their heads for a day and see what it’s like to think that the world rises and sets on you.

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Now Meanie knows she’s special. She’s not as special as some people who fart out unicorns and butterflies, but she knows she’s gifted. As a matter of fact, almost everyone Meanie does know is special and fabulous in their own way.

It’s just that when some people feel that re-enacting a WWE show is perfectly fine so that she or he can grab a $2 waffle iron, that’s where Meanie draws the line. It’s not that Meanie doesn’t admire a bargain, it’s just that she feels drawing blood to get said $2 waffle iron is worth it. Somehow Mean Betty thinks that some people will just be getting coal, a lot of coal in their stockings this Christmas.

Meanie is such an adherent to this rule, the idea that no one is that special, no matter if they do feel that they’re a legend in their own mind, that the next time she hits the mall, she and the butler will be wielding machetes just to enforce that rule.

Happy holiday shopping!


Mean Betty

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