Mean Betty: Are Britney Spears' Fiancé and Father Turning Her Into a Child?

Britney Spears' fiancé, Jason Trawick, is joining her father Jamie as a conservator for the star. But Mean Betty wonders if all these people being in charge of Britney's life might

Mean Betty: Are Britney Spears’ Fiancé and Father Turning Her Into a Child?

Britney Spears’ fiancé, Jason Trawick, is joining her father Jamie as a conservator for the star. But Mean Betty wonders if all these people being in charge of Britney’s life might accidentally be turning her into a child…

-Mean Betty

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Kittens, Meanie would like to begin today’s discussion by posing a question: How many of you would enjoy having someone else have total control over every aspect of your life? Would you enjoy it if it was your parent? How about your significant other? What if it was both? Would it drive you absolutely bonkers, even if it was allegedly “for your own good?”

Meanie, for one, couldn’t stand it. As a strong, independent, and independently wealthy woman, Meanie prides herself on managing her own affairs. But what if someone else were in charge, and all “for Meanie’s own good?” Horrors! Just think: No more mimosas in the morning! No more afternoons spent tormenting the pool boy! No more delightful nights in front of the television with the butler, a martini, and Dancing With The Stars! How terrible! Kittens, it simply does not bear thinking about.

However, kittens, this is the state in which Princess of Pop Britney Spears has been living for four long years: Her father, Mr. Jamie Spears, has been little miss Britney’s “conservator” since 2008. The singer, you’ll no doubt recall, had a very serious and very public breakdown that year which resulted in such actions as attacking the paparazzi with an umbrella, barricading herself in her mansion with her children, and getting wheeled out of said mansion strapped to a gurney. Ever since then, her father has had legal control over her and everything she owns—which, truthfully, has gone surprisingly well. Showbiz parents have a nasty habit of squandering their children’s fortunes and using them for their own gains, but we have heard nothing of the sort from Jamie. But now, Britney’s father won’t be the only person in charge of running her life; Jamie is preparing to make his daughter’s fiancé, Jason Trawick, co-conservator along with him. And perhaps this will be a good thing… but, oh, kittens. Meanie can’t help but feel that this move takes the already child-like 30-year-old star and deposits her firmly back in the nursery: “Just step back, little girl,” it seems to say, “and let the grown-ups deal with this.”

According to the good people at… well, People, Jason will only have shared legal controls over his future wife’s “general well-being”: That is, he will be able to make decisions over her food, clothing, and medical care, but will have no say in her financial dealings (presumably, this will remain the domain of her daddy dearest). It is the professional opinion of at least one lawyer that this might actually be a good thing. Jeffrey S. Cohen, an L.A. probate attorney who is not involved with the case, told People, “This is a very unusual situation, because generally you don’t see conservatees get married.” Cohen did note, however, that in this instance, perhaps the whole engaged-conservatees shebang might not be a bad thing; indeed, it might be “a sign that the couple’s wedding is around the corner.” Furthermore, he continued, “This is probably a compromise between Britney, her father and Trawick to get the marriage off on the right foot. Obviously her future husband needs to have a say in her well-being.”

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But Meanie still can’t help but think that adding yet another conservator might actually prevent Britney from finishing the healing process she has already begun. When discussing the sizeable diamond he gave to Britney to seal their commitment to each other, jeweler Neil Lane said the following: “Britney is his princess and he is her knight in shining armor. Every good fairy tale needs a princess, and now Britney has a ring fit for a princess!” The sentiment is sweet, but Meanie agrees with her fellow Bettys that all this talk of princesses is somewhat troubling; Britney has had so little agency in her own life for so long that Meanie can’t help but wonder if a knight in shining armor coming to her rescue is truly what she needs at this very moment.

Meanie realizes that Britney has been rather ill indeed, and subsequently not equipped to handle her own life. 2008 marked the moment in which she hit the proverbial rock bottom, and she certainly needed a good deal of help to climb out of the deep, dark pit into which she had fallen. But Meanie also feels that the more her life is wrested away from her, the sadder her situation becomes—even if it looks like she might be starting to turn things around. Meanie is no psychologist, but sometimes she wonders whether Britney has been suffering from arrested development for most of her career. She was launched into the public eye when she was still very young, and perhaps as a result of having her life pushed, pulled, and pecked at from that time onward, she has become stuck in a particular phase of development. It might be that she can only finish healing if she bursts out from behind the trappings of childhood.

But that aside, Meanie is glad for Britney that she’s finally happy again; it’s been such a long time since our pop princess has been happy that Meanie isn’t entirely sure Britney still remembered what happiness was. What do you think, kittens? Is Meanie just being a horrible cynic with regards to this conservatorship issue?

Perhaps another mimosa will remedy the problem…


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