Mean Betty: A 'New and Improved' Lindsay Lohan Crashed A Party?

Lindsay Lohan apparently crashed Francesca Eastwood's birthday party -- did she also try to swipe the cake?

Mean Betty: A ‘New and Improved’ Lindsay Lohan Crashed A Party?

Lindsay Lohan apparently crashed Francesca Eastwood’s birthday party — did she also try to swipe the cake?

-Mean Betty

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Ah kittens! Meanie knew that the “new and improved” Lindsay Lohan would revert back to her oh- so-winning ways. Did anyone really expect LiLo to stay a hard-working actress who kept her nose to the grindstone? Did anyone think that Lindsay would become a font of decorum and etiquette? Not us! In fact, my doves, the butler and the pool boy had a betting pool going with the neighborhood! Meanie is proud to announce that she won!

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Now that Meanie’s finished with her victory dance, pull your chair close, kittens and she’ll tell you the story. Last Tuesday night, our favorite flame-haired actress … oh wait, is Lindsay Lohan blond now or is it brunette? Hmmm, doesn’t matter. Anywhoo lambies, Lindsay apparently waltzed into her fave watering hole, Bootsy Bellows and found a birthday party for reality TV star Francesca Eastwood, better known as Clint Eastwood’s spawn, in full swing. We all know that Lindsay, despite her bazillion trips to rehab, oh sorry kittens, Meanie meant trips to hospitals for exhaustion, loves a party. Lilo also,  Mean Betty hears, tries to crash as many said parties as her wobbly stilettos will let her. There are legions of stories of LiLo being turned away at the door. This time, however, Lindsay made it through the door of the joint and beheld the festivities.

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Linds made her way to a private area where she sawFrancesca, her boyfriend Tyler Shields and 12 of their friends having a little birthday party. Lindsay, the story goes, started screaming that Francesca should leave. “She was yelling ‘I’m a star, she’s a nobody, get her out of here!” a source told US Weekly.

Kittens, Lindsay is nothing but tactful, isn’t she? According to the same source, “One poor guy came over and tried to calm [Lindsay] down and she acted aggressively. At that point the security told her to leave and it was totally embarrassing. She is acting like some bad ’80s film star, and it is hard to watch because she needs help.”

Meanie wonders if Lindsay was still channeling La Liz and thinking she was busting up a party held by Richard Burton. After all, filming on Liz & Dick is still going on strong. But Lindsay isn’t known for using method acting for work.

Since Lindsay and her posse weren’t allowed to stay at Bootsy Bellows due to her histrionics,Mean Betty reads that they sped off, almost driving over a valet!


Francesca had the last laugh. She told E! News, “I’m not sure what exactly sparked Lindsay’s outburst. Regardless, I still had an amazing birthday and Parent Trap is still my favorite movie.”

Kittens, what do you think Lindsay would say about Francesca’s TV show Mrs. Eastwood & Company? Does she even know it’s on? Then again kittens, did you?


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