MBFW: Mathieu Mirano's Spring 2013 Collection Takes Us To The Moon…Or Mars!

Mathieu Mirano is Fashion's new rising star and is sparing no mercy!

MBFW: Mathieu Mirano’s Spring 2013 Collection Takes Us To The Moon…Or Mars!

Mathieu Mirano is Fashion’s new rising star and is sparing no mercy!

-Shante D. Booker

mathieu mirano spring 2013

Mathieu Mirano: Name ring any bells? If not, let me school you on this rising star! Matheiu Mirano debuted his very first collection last February, received an overwhelming amount of positive response and was recently named one of the top new designers showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week by Refinery 29. Oh, and did I forget mention that he’s only 21 years old!? Yes, this young man exudes years of experience though and has been received with open arms by some of the best in the business. Simply put: he’s your favorite designer’s new favorite designer!

This was more than evident as I waited in line for about 30 minutes—okay maybe that’s an exaggeration but it was definitely at least 20—before I was allowed through the doors. The line was so long that it literally whipped around the corner and had me contemplating whether or not I would be admitted. It was sort of like being at the grand opening of an exclusive club—emphasis on exclusive.

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As I walked through the door I was greeted by a gorgeous out-of-this-world gown that I’m not even going to attempt to describe because words don’t do it justice. Have a looksey below:

mirano amazing spring 2013 dress

Stunning, right? It’s like heaven on Mars. I don’t exactly know what that is but I imagine that this is it!

Another look (out of like all of them) that stopped me dead in my tracks was a long green gown that had this insane peacock look going on at the top. What was the inspiration behind that? I wonder.

mirano peacock dress

Overall, Mathieu Mirano did not disappoint and if you’re into a less extravagant look check out the rest of the presentation below because there’s something for every woman.

mathieu mirano spring 2013

mathieu mirano spring 2013

Hey Mathieu, if you’re reading this, I’m a size ten… just putting that out there.

Shante D. Booker is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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