Matchmaker Betty Hooks Up Jennifer Aniston

Who will be Jen's new love: Benicio del Toro, Mark Valley, David Gandy, Curtis Stone or Jeffrey Donovan?
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Matchmaker Betty Hooks Up Jennifer Aniston

Who will be Jen’s new love: Benicio del Toro, Mark Valley, David Gandy, Curtis Stone or Jeffrey Donovan?

-Elisa Mala

Jennifer Aniston

As Jennifer Aniston rose to the top of the world, her life seemed like one endless match made in heaven. On the screen, her Friends character, Rachel, romanced Eddie Cahill and Bruce Willis before capturing the heart of David Schwimmer. Behind the scenes, she walked down the aisle with Brad Pitt. But both the series and the marriage dwindled to a finale.

While she’s never even approached train-wreck territory, there’s no denying that things have been off-kilter ever since. Not even her star power could brighten lackluster films like Along Came Polly and Derailed. Her love life? Nothing wrong with Vince Vaughn, but the two never seemed to be on the same page – his everyman vibe clashed with her It-Girl status. Even if she never wants to wear a wedding dress again, her five-year marriage to Brad Pitt suggests that she takes relationships more seriously than John Mayer, who has described his trysts with Jessica Simpson as “sexual napalm.” It has been one mismatch after another.

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But for the star that has never fallen, things are beginning to look up. A well-placed cameo on 30 Rock, huge grosses for Marley & Me and a slate of interesting projects are only the beginning. If history repeats itself, the romance will rise alongside the career as long as she starts making some better decision about whom she opens her heart to.

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to choose for her.

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0 thoughts on “Matchmaker Betty Hooks Up Jennifer Aniston

  1. Ann13 says:

    Hello blue eyes … David Gandy

  2. Fashionista says:

    Yes, totally David Gandy!

  3. uptowngirl says:

    Benicio for sure!

  4. Yay heels says:

    Benecio doesn’t wash his hands after making pee-pee. Stay away!

  5. FBNYC says:

    Ewww! How do you know that @Yay heels?

  6. kitty says:

    Curtis Stone! He’s the best match for Jen. And that saves Benicio for me!

  7. FFlotus says:

    JEFFREY!!!! HELLO! He plays a spy… and is such a great actor.

  8. smaslt says:

    of those listed.. david gandy. she is like kate hudson – not the best choices made. john mayer twice? i think lance armstrong would work too. i like benecio (woof) and jeffrey donovan (woof woof).

    did you know.. jeffrey donovan, his sibling, and mom had to live in their car? now he is all about providing for his family and gives a lot to various charities. finally a nice guy in hollywood. he’s gorgeous, and on the outside too!! =)

  9. Jill says:

    I would say Curtis Stone if I didn’t want to keep him all to myself. . . he is a DREAM! All the other guys look a little “slippery.”

  10. cremebrulee67 says:

    She should bed them all and then decide on whose the best, lmao.

  11. izzbizz101 says:


  12. Westie says:

    Benicio is dating Penelope Cruz. Check your facts.

  13. mothermeryl says:

    I think she should stay out of the dating game for a while…

  14. rubyshoesday says:

    I think Jen and George Clooney, all these guys look slippery to me. George has class, taste, style, a heart and a really great smile. Plus me thinks he’s looking to start a family…

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