Make 2011 Your Sexiest Year Yet! Day 28: What Makes Frenchwomen So Sexy?

Six things that keep those French girls so smokin' hot.

Make 2011 Your Sexiest Year Yet! Day 28: What Makes Frenchwomen So Sexy?

Six things that keep those French girls so smokin’ hot.

-Courtney Cachet

Marion Cotillard

Welcome to Day 28 of your SEXIEST year ever! Click here to catch up on Day 27: Your Sexiest Organ? Your Brain!

Recently, I spent a week in France. I had the luxury of staying in the Yves Rocher Eco-Hotel, La Grée des Landes in Brittany. How do you say fabulous in French? We toured the Yves Rocher manufacturing facilities, the labs, and the gardens where they grow everything from Chamomile to weed. (Side note: According to our tour guide, the latter strangely gets stolen every year. Ya think?) Then, we were off to Paris! All week I had time to ponder that eternal question … why are French women so darn sexy?

Paris is undeniably one of the great cities of the world … but what’s up with the disorganization, no Splenda anywhere and how the hell do those bitches stay so skinny? Seriously! Always a sucker for some good people watching, I parked my bigger than their French version ass at a cafe and took it all in. The women all have this sense of hotness, but it’s so different from ours. I saw these anorexic looking guys that look quite handsome, but if they were American would look totally gross to me. What is it about the French? I started to make a list in my head…

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My Je Ne Sais Quoi List, if you will … Or: How the French Stay So Sexy:

1. They’re skinny because they don’t snack. No breakfast and the Happy Meal size version of dinner. No “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Light”, no 40-calorie bread, no sugar free salad dressing.

2. Down espresso until you feel like a crackhead throughout the day. Why? You need your energy to walk everywhere — just not to the gym for a 90-minute Zumba class.

3. Rock your looks, even if they are imperfect. Crooked tooth? No problem! Curly hair gets no $50 blowouts in Paris. Stringy hair? Don’t brush it, et voila! The thing about the French is they accept their looks; they own them and they sport them with such confidence it becomes part of their allure. Manufactured curls don’t fly here.

3. Skincare is paramount; makeup is not. These women start their skincare regimens at 11-years-old and don’t waver. The Yves Rocher peeps confirmed this.

4. Buy the best clothing you can afford, even if it means you wear it every other day. Cheap mall clothes don’t go far, they never look good and are largely an American thing. Less is definitely more.

5. High heels rule. They seem to be able to run down the street in stilettos with considerably more ease than, let’s say, me. I’m thinking it might have to do with the fact that if you’re 90 pounds, it’s gotta help. For casual days, you will need some weird sneakers. Yes, all week I kept noticing that when they aren’t sporting 5-inch heels, French women rock weird sneaker for a hip and strangely cute look. Combined with the size-2 hips, the messy hair and the red lipstick (Chanel, of course), you’ve got yourself a French cutie.

As I sat at the gate at Charles de Gaulle waiting for my flight back to JFK, I took it all in. The “je ne sais quoi” of it all. At the end of the day, it’s really about confidence. Whether you are French or American or from the farthest corner of the world, there is nothing sexier than confidence.

The micro mini and the Louboutins might help a little, though. Hold the Doritos.

Tune in tomorrow for our next great tip…and catch up on the previous tips here! And don’t forget to enter to win a sexy prize from Good Vibrations!

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