Make 2011 Your Sexiest Year Yet! Day 25: Own Your Pleasure + Win a SEXY Prize!

Now we're getting to the good stuff! Tips on how to take charge of your sexual pleasure ... plus an awesome, ultra sexy giveaway!

Make 2011 Your Sexiest Year Yet! Day 25: Own Your Pleasure + Win a SEXY Prize!

Now we’re getting to the good stuff! Tips on how to take charge of your sexual pleasure … plus an awesome, ultra sexy giveaway!

-The Betty Editors

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Welcome to Day 25 of your SEXIEST year ever! Click here to catch up on Day 24: Sexy Tips To Look Your Sexy Best!

For tips for women who want to own their own pleasure, we turned to Good Vibrations ( Staff Sexologist Dr. Carol Queen (and by the way is that not the most awesome job title EVER?). Then, they offered us a prize pack to give away – HOLLA! Info on that is below, but first ….


Best Women's Erotica1. Wasn’t there an ’80s pop tune that went, “You can’t get what you want ‘til you know what you want?” Well, it’s true! There are a number of ways to learn what that might be, if you don’t already know: Explore your reactions to erotica, delve into some fun sex ed texts, talk to friends about what they like (but remember, your mileage may vary), and be truly honest with yourself about things that you’ve already experienced. Don’t just tell yourself you *should* enjoy or want to experience certain things — ask yourself what you actually *do* like the best in bed. TRY IT: Let your imagination run wild with this sexy anthology of the Best Women’s Erotica by Violet Blue or try Fairy Tale Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women.

2. Practice on your own! The number one tip sex therapists usually give women who aren’t reliably orgasmic is to learn their own responses during solo sex. With or without a vibrator or other toy, this is your lab for learning the fine points of what gets you going. Once you know, you can guide a partner through hints or direct spelling-it-out so you both know you’re on the right track. A great place to start with vibrators: the Turbo Glider waterproof vibe  or the Mystic Mini rechargeable wand, which is Ecorotic® too!

3. Too shy to talk? Please try to get over that. Nothing is more vital, especially to an ongoing relationship, than the ability to communicate about sex and other topics that many people won’t speak up about. Besides, when you can ask for what you want and share details about your pleasure, you’re more likely to get the sex life that’s truly optimal for you. If it’s scary to start with your partner, chat amongst friends.

4. Get informed! If you’re curious about a sex style, or you want to be on your best game, there are lots of books, videos and classes so you can read up or watch and learn. carries the best of these (like The Little Bit Naughty Book of the Best Sex Ever  and Tantric Sex for Busy Couples),  but there might even be sex ed resources where you live.

5. Find support. Maybe it’ll be an online discussion group. Maybe you really know, deep down, you could use a session or two with a therapist to get you on the right track — this is especially true for those who’ve had negative experiences or grown up in a background that allowed shame to get in the way of sexual learning and pleasure. Maybe you’ll join a Tantra circle or start a salon to discuss erotic novels. Whatever you do, if you include other people, you’ll have constant reminders that you aren’t alone in desiring a happy sex life. In this new year, we all deserve pleasure!

And now – to get you in the mood … Good Vibrations has given us one super fun prize package to give away to one lucky Betty! It includes:

Fairy Tale Lust*One (1) Turbo Glider Waterproof Vibrator, plus…

*One (1) copy of  Fairy Tale Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women, plus…

*One (1)  Pleasure-Ed video series on amazing oral sex! Includes “Heads Up” and “Going Down!”

To win:

1. First, like BettyConfidential on Facebook (if you haven’t already!).

2. Then, leave a comment below and tell us:
-your Facebook first name or initials
-your #1 tip for feeling sexy!

To increase your chances of winning, you can follow us on Twitter and leave a comment on any love+sex article.

Good luck!

The winner will be notified via a private message to your BettyConfidential profile.  Meet some of our past contest winners HERE! You can read BettyConfidential’s official giveaway rules here. This  promotion will run from Tuesday January 25, 2011 7 a.m. EST to Tuesday February 2, 2011 5 p.m. EST.

Tune in tomorrow for our next great tip…and catch up on the previous tips here!

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0 thoughts on “Make 2011 Your Sexiest Year Yet! Day 25: Own Your Pleasure + Win a SEXY Prize!

  1. My Facebook name is Cindi H.
    A warm bath with candles, shimmering
    body lotion and my little black dress
    make me feel sexy!
    Many thanks!

  2. I like bettyconfidential on facebook!
    Stephanie (SSL) initials
    My number 1 tip for feeling sexy is to be confident and smile!

  3. Like you on Facebook

    My first name on Facebook is Erin
    And exercise is the best way that I know of to feel sexy. Knowing that you take care of your body, makes you feel good and worth all of the positive attention that you can give yourself.

  4. like on facebook as Darcy B
    My number one tip for feeling sexy be comfy–you’re not going to enjoy yourself unless you feel good–and there is nothing sexier then a woman in the throws of real passion. This sounds ugly and crazy but it’s worth a try I read that a woman is more likely to have an orgasm — if she leaves her socks on!

  5. My Facebook name is Melissa D and my #1 tip for feeling sexy is: stay fit! Cardio especially will keep your endorphins flowing and make you feel happy and confident!

  6. Facebook name Heather R
    Follow on Twitter

    My tip for feeling sexy is taking a hot bath, then strapping on my knee high black boots with the 4 inch heel and a nice “out fit” and walking into the kitchen or whatever room the hubby is in and catching him completely off guard. I like watching the reaction or him dropping things…

  7. like you on FB – Stephanie Vollowitz Light
    #1 tip is mentally think about your together time before it happens and send love notes to one another building anticipation!!

  8. elbia almanzar
    the best tip i used is love” you have to love yourself, and everything related to fell the sexies women on the universed”
    go girlssssssssssssssss

  9. Facebook: Joy Danielle Nordby

    My tip for feeling sexy is giving your self that comforting ‘pleasure’ 😉 and showing the world just how beautiful you truly are!

  10. Facebook name: Laurie E. My tip is to always stay positive. There is something sexy about someone who is always looks on the bright side of things instead of complaining about everything.

  11. Facbook name :Marianne D.
    Tip: Be confident and passionate in everything that you do. Nothing is sexier than someone who seems to have it all yet still gives their all.

  12. Hiya Betty Confidential :) My Facebook name is Sugarbaby W … My #1 tip for feeling sexy is a romantic candlelit dinner and a satin and lace teddy to serve it in … then for dessert a hot bubble bath with vanilla scented candles 😉

  13. I am John R on facebook. I usually start reminding my lover how good she is while we are driving around on our night out. By the time we arrive home, we are both in the mood.

  14. Facebook name: Holly Robinson
    Tip:care more about what you think than what others around you think and you will always be true to you. That’s as sexy as it comes

  15. My Facebook name is Alyson Rebecca C.
    My tip: I wear lacy sexy underwear under all my clothes, even sweats, because I always feel more confident and sexy.

  16. Facebook name: chelle1141

    My tip is to know and love yourself. If you can’t, then how can you expect someone else to? I know it’s something I’m still working on…

  17. my facebook is Ursula Mote -msunderstood26
    to feel sexy i put on my slinky silky cami & panties & then use my deep seductive voice to call my man to come over
    baby oil is sexy too

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