Loves It: Fashion On The Go With Miracle Flip-Flops

A mid-evening shoe swap made easy with featherweight and foldable flip-flops, PocketFlops.

Loves It: Fashion On The Go With Miracle Flip-Flops

A mid-evening shoe swap made easy.

-Brooke Sager


Kick off those heels and slip your achin’ feet into a pair PocketFlops ($22, These featherweight, foldable flip-flops are the perfect way to stay comfy and stylish year round. Stash a pair in your tote to whip out post-dance party. Keep them on hand for your pre-beach pedi.


Take a load off with one of the four styles from PocketFlops’ new summer collection. Each design, including the chic PreppyFlops and ultra-femme PaisleyFlops, come in matching pouches to protect your bag’s precious cargo.

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And get this: 90% of the flops are made with recycled tire rubber –  AKA completely eco-friendly. Hooray for sustainable style!

Brooke Sager is BettyConfidential’s multi-talented fabulous intern.

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0 thoughts on “Loves It: Fashion On The Go With Miracle Flip-Flops

  1. NYCdogmommy says:


  2. Yay heels says:

    This is a cool idea, could use them for more than just running around in the summer.

  3. booksorclothes says:

    I could have used this last night!

  4. nycblonde says:

    likey, likey!

  5. shopaholic says:

    Oh, they’re eco-friendly….cool!

  6. girleegirl says:

    how perfect for when you need them for after the party ends!

  7. weetziebat says:

    Fabu! I may just buy a pair.

  8. redraidergirl says:

    I so made a product like these for my eco class, not as cute as mine were hand made but I Love it!

  9. AsTheNight says:

    Yes! And a must-have for long shopping trips, too! I like to keep a spare pair in the car because you just never know when your feet will say “enough!”

  10. adr1001025 says:

    Wow, these look great for bumming around on the beach.


  11. gina9359 says:

    these look so comfy.where to you buy them?

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