Lindsay Lohan's Dangerous Marilyn Monroe Obsession

Is the Mean Girls star perpetuating her own downhill spiral with her passion for a doomed star


Lindsay Lohan’s Dangerous Marilyn Monroe Obsession

Is the Mean Girls star perpetuating her own downhill spiral with her passion for a doomed star?

-Kathy Campbell and Kelly Will

Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn MonroeWhen we are growing up we tend to idolize people we admire. Role models who have lived the kind of life we hope to emulate. But in the case of Lindsay Lohan, her idol is a woman who was chewed up and spat out by Hollywood and died of an overdose of sleeping pills at the age of 36. It paints a worrying picture, doesn’t it?

Lindsay is a huge Marilyn Monroe fan. Her obsession began when she was just a kid, filming The Parent Trap in London at the age of 12. She watched the 1953 film Niagara (in which Marilyn plays a murderous, cheating wife) countless times and was fascinated. Last year Lindsay posed as the doomed blonde bombshell for a recreation of Marilyn’s iconic last sitting with photographer Bert Stern.

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Lindsay in Spanish VogueAnd now, as the 47th anniversary of Marilyn’s death approaches on August 4, she’s done yet another shoot inspired by the star for Spanish Vogue, in which she wears a Dolce & Gabbana dress featuring stark black-white-images of Marilyn.

But that’s not where Lindsay’s love for the icon ends. She also has a tattoo on her wrist featuring a Marilyn quote (“Everyone’s a star and deserves to sparkle”) and incorporated 6126, the legend’s date of birth, in the names of her leggings line and Twitter account.

“If you saw my house … I have a lot of Marilyn stuff,” she told New York magazine when she did the Bert Stern shoot. Lindsay (who reportedly wants to play Marilyn in a remake of Some Like It Hot) even purchased an apartment where the star once lived and owns a huge painting of Marilyn, who is pictured with a bottle of spilled pills next to her. (Lindsay has been to rehab three times – is her life imitating her artwork?)

Friends say the 23-year-old has a dangerous preoccupation with Marilyn’s life – and death. “Lindsay is obsessed,” says a pal. “She loves Marilyn’s short life and looks at all of it as glamorous, even her death. Lindsay wants to be just like Marilyn and she doesn’t fear dying young. She sees beauty in the tragedy of Marilyn’s life.”

Lindsay Lohan and Marilyn MonroeLos Angeles-based psychotherapist Dr. Nancy Irwin says it is a concern that Lindsay is identifying so strongly with the ‘50s bombshell. “While Marilyn Monroe certainly had many admirable traits, she was extremely psychologically unbalanced,” the doctor says, adding that for Lindsay to model her behavior on Marilyn in any way apart from artistically, “is beyond a death wish: it’s an ‘eternal-life-after-an-early-death’ wish. We saw this in Chris Farley, the talented comedian whose role model was John Belushi. He followed his footsteps right into an early grave. When you try to be someone else, you lose your own self.”

Based on what her pal says, Lindsay is losing her sense of identity, and appears to have a tenuous grasp on reality, comparing her level of fame to that of one of the world’s most enduring icons.

“Lindsay likes to believe that she is the new Marilyn Monroe,” the friend tells “She craves the attention and enjoys all the drama that she creates around her. It’s all part of her plan. Lindsay accepts it all and if she doesn’t live to an old age, she isn’t worried. It will be a part of her legacy – she wants to be a beautiful Hollywood starlet with a dramatic, tumultuous and interesting life. Lindsay is going to leave her mark on the world.”

Lindsay LohanThe friend adds that it’s almost as if Lindsay (who just died her red hair Monroe blonde for a role in the film Machete) is acting, playing a role. Life coach and therapist Webb Egerton warns, “Lindsay probably ‘sees’ herself in Marilyn Monroe; one who has been exploited, used, who feels she is out of control.” And that is dangerous. “We become what we think, and when we identify strongly with tragic people we start unconsciously and subconsciously to believe that negative identity. It is depressing to identify so closely with a tragic or a negative person and one who is no longer living.”

Part of Marilyn Monroe’s appeal was that she seemed like the ultimate little girl lost. Lindsay seems to be having an extended lost girl moment of her own right now. Her career in tatters, and her weight plummeting, she has been spotted lingering forlornly on Sam Ronson’s doorstep in the pre-dawn hours.

Marilyn Monroe died alone in her sparsely furnished bedroom, a phone clutched in her hand. Let’s hope that when Lindsay finally reaches for her BlackBerry to ask for help, someone is there to answer her.

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12 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan's Dangerous Marilyn Monroe Obsession

  1. ummm I think I am slightly disturbed by Lindsay Lohan’s obsession with Marilyn Monroe. Can’t Lohan just appreciate and love Marilyn like Megan Fox does without trying to “be” her. psycho doppelganger alert

  2. I’m sorry but Lindsey Lohan is NOWHERE NEAR Marilyn Monroe’s iconic status. Marilyn is one in a million… I too am a HUGE fan of hers… there’s just no comparison. Marilyn had a natural beauty to her that was simple and at the same time highly sexual. Lindsey- pbbbtt yeah right.

  3. Lindsay Lohan will do anything for attention, the sign of a very disturbed person. Even more disturbing is how entertainment writers/editors gobble it up like pigs at the trough.

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