Kim K Is the Most Annoying Celeb EVER?! Mean Betty Is In Shock!

Kittens, can you believe the news? Kim Kardashian's officially a pain in the....

Kim K Is the Most Annoying Celeb EVER?! Mean Betty Is In Shock!

Kittens, can you believe the news? Kim Kardashian’s officially a pain in the….

-Mean Betty

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Kittens! Kittens! KITTENS! Mean Betty almost fell off her chaise when she heard the news! Parade magazine’s Pop Culture Poll 2011 showed that out of all the celebrities in Wonderland, Hollywood, and beyond, little Miss Kim “My Butt Is Real” Kardashian is the most annoying celebrity! Ever!

Now, my little ewe lambs, before you get yourself into a tizzy like the one poor Mean Betty fell into when she heard the news, remember this: People who read Parade are old, wrinkly pruney things who think David Cassidy is still breaking teeny boppers hearts across the land.

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Kim Kardashian beat out Charlie Sheen for the honor of most annoying. She garnered 29 percent of the vote, Charlie got 27 percent of the vote and Snooki, oh, poor Snooki, only got 21 percent of the vote. The celeb with the least amount of votes was Brad Womack. Poor thing only got 1 percent. Mean Betty would like to know who he is.

Meanie isn’t a crotchedy old thing. She does have a fake drivers license to prove that she’s just as cool as the hipster next door. In fact, Meanie still gets carded and thrown out of bars dances on top of bars like the other cool kids. However, Meanie just can’t help but agree with the poll. The Kardashians are a pandemic who’ve eaten all the other shows on E! There isn’t an antidote, and the virus just keeps mutating. (Sorry Kittens, Meanie just saw Contagion with the marvy Matt Damon, cool Laurence Fishbourne and uber good Kate Winslet. Meanie was almost tossed out of the theatre because she accidentally screamed, ‘YAY” when Gwyneth Paltrow died.)

Meanie wonders what KK would look like without her daily pound of makeup spackled onto her face. What shape would Kim’s lips would be without the Restylene making them oh-so fish-like? Meanie, personally, would love to watch E! without fear of hearing Kim’s patented (or at least patent-pending) whine.

Other than having a mother who’s a better manager than a parent, a penchant for sex tapes, false eyelashes and dating athletes, what has Kim done to make her so newsworthy, notable and idolized?

Please kittens, don’t tell Meanie it’s because she has the world’s biggest butt.

The real question is, pets … if we find Kim Kardashian so annoying, why do we keep watching?!


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Kim K Is the Most Annoying Celeb EVER?! Mean Betty Is In Shock!

  1. Sorry tkkerr, I’m certainly NOT jealous of Kim Kardashian or anyone else in her family. And I do find her entire family incredibly annoying. Why? Because they’re narcissistic, shallow, pretentious, fake/hypocritical and at times difficult to look at (really just Kim because of the Tammy Faye Baker mascara job that she absolutely doesn’t need, the girl has a beautiful face, why ruin it with the ridiculously heavy mascara). Their mom, while being a tad overly opportunistic, is actually a good manager. And while I am sure the kids are involved with producing the show, the fact I have yet to hear an interview where they express coherent thoughts, or in Khloe’s case, actual respect towards anyone, implies their producing roles are superficial at best. And while I have to agree with the no talent assessments people make with respect to this family (including the lack of designing talent – their clothing line is awful), I will make an exception for the younger sister Kendall. She does have modeling talent.

  2. Heaven knows that I am no old crotchety lady, but I don’t get the appeal of the Kardashians. Like Paris Hilton, the main ‘talent’ of sex tape making should not lead to celebrity. I am really tired of reality ‘stars’ and the drama they inflict on everyone.

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