Kate Hudson, Makeup Artist?

Kate Hudson reveals her hidden talent: Makeup artist!

Kate Hudson, Makeup Artist?

Kate Hudson reveals her hidden talent: Makeup artist!

-Lucia Peters

Kate Hudson

Fun fact: Kate Hudson often does her own makeup for premieres and events. She also sometimes does makeup for her friends. Gasp! Has she really been hiding her true calling all along?

Well, maybe it’s not her true calling, but it’s still pretty neat. The actress and face of Almay cosmetics recently chatted with People about her hidden skills. “I love putting makeup on friends,” she told the mag. “I do it all the time. If I’m bringing them to a premiere or we’re having a party, they’ll all come over early and I’ll do their makeup. I love it.”

But though she might love what she calls “crazy, almost Gaga-ish looks,” she tends to keep things “as quick and natural as possible” when it comes to her daily routine. Her must-haves? Lip gloss, mascara, and “a foundation that I can just put on like a lotion.” She also totes eyeliner in her purse for quick touch-ups on the go.

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So where did she pick up all these fantastic makeup skills? Two places. The first: Her brother. “My poor brother,” Kate laughed. “He was kind enough to be my mannequin, and let me experiment on his face. I’d put blue eye shadow on him and we’d laugh.” But she picked up her “three pieces only” trick from somewhere more professional: Her mom Goldie Hawn’s movie sets. She recalled, “I remember my mom’s makeup artist, this wonderful, old-time sort of legend in the movie industry, Tom Case, who had one little box he’d carry with him. He’d pull out just four items and make the most incredible face with those four things.” Kate was even allowed to play with Case’s products, though he make sure that she always put everything back exactly where she found it.

Read more, including which of her features Kate likes to play up for a night out, at People. Do you think she’d do our makeup for us if we asked nicely?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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