Jill Martin Dishes: How to Look Your Best for the New Year

Jill Martin, thes Emmy-award winning TV personality and reporter dishes on her style secrets and what to wear to that next big holiday party.

Jill Martin Dishes: How to Look Your Best for the New Year

Jill Martin, thes Emmy-award winning TV personality and reporter dishes on her style secrets and what to wear to that next big holiday party.

– Diana Denza

Jill Martin

Jill Martin knows fashion. As the author of the bestselling books, Fashion for Dummies and I Have Nothing to Wear! and as a style contributor to NBC’s The Today Show, she’s helped countless ladies look their best! And when she’s not talking fashion, you can catch this busy gal reporting on New York Knicks games.

We chatted with Jill about easy ways to update our looks, and what we can expect from her soon-to-be-released clothing line. Hint: your guy will never have to lug your five suitcases through the airport again!

BettyConfidential: What should women invest in for New Year’s Eve?

Jill Martin: Before you invest, shop in your closet! I guarantee that you already have many of the items you need to look great this season. Today, everyone from working women who make a moderate salary to big celebrities want to save money–and buyers and designers are more conscious than ever of the economy. When you do decide to splurge, spend your money on hot colored shoes and accessories. It’s all about going for embellished, stand out pieces that will really set your look apart.

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BC: Which styles would you recommend that women who aren’t particularly fond of frills and embellishments go for this season?

JM: There are still tons of options for the more sporty, laid back girls out there! For example, you can try pairing dark jeans with a comfy sweater that has a bit of lace detailing. Or, you can go for a tank and a stylish tuxedo jacket. My favorite jacket, an ivory tux, has been in my closet for more than ten years! Just remember: keep your denim dark. Save the light washes for weekends at home.

BC: We know you’ve made a number of ladies over on Ambush Makeovers. But for those of us who haven’t been so lucky, what are a few easy ways we can update our looks for the holidays?

JM: Maggy London offers some fantastic, affordable dresses for women of all body types. With these celebrity inspired looks for less, you can quickly revamp your style for any holiday party. Also, you should really make an effort to get into a beauty routine. I never leave my house without my favorite bronzer and lip gloss because they make me feel pretty all the time. Follow the ex-boyfriend rule: would you want your ex to catch you in a pair of sweats or ripped jeans? Didn’t think so! A huge part of any makeover comes from the inside –you have to learn how to be your own best friend. Treat yourself well and buy pieces that highlight your assets. I love Not Your Daughter’s Jeans for their great quality denim, not to mention the tons of styles to choose from!

maggy london Not Yuor daughters jeans

BC: What is one fashion tip you hope readers will take away from your latest book, I Have Nothing to Wear?

JM: It’s very important to go through your closet before buying anything new. You don’t wear 75 percent of what you have. It’s a huge percentage, so the first step is to de-clutter and afterwards, make sure you really pay attention to everything you buy. Visualize what you’ll wear each piece with and don’t buy it if you don’t know that you’ll ever actually wear it!

BC:You’re both a fashion writer and a sports reporter. Is it difficult to merge these two passions?

JM: In my opinion, there are two types of stories, hard news and entertainment. Within entertainment, there’s sports, fashion, celebrity news, and whatever else makes people happy and is uplifting. I essentially do the same thing whether I’m covering fashion or sports, and that’s getting my readers the inside scoop in ways that are fresh and interesting.

BC: We know you’re currently at work on a much anticipated clothing line. Can you share a few details about the project?

JM: Well, it’s still in development and I want it to be a big surprise, but I will say this: it will make traveling so much easier for women. These pieces will be so versatile that they’ll make packing a cinch!

BC: That sounds like just what many of us need. When can we expect the line to drop?

JM: Look out for it this summer. It’s going to be amazing!

BC: What are some other upcoming projects we should keep an eye out for?

JM: My focus is definitely on making this line the best it could possibly be, but you can also catch me on Steals and Deals on The Today Show.

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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