Is Ashton Kutcher Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

Who will it be... Ashton Kutcher, Tom Cruise or Lindsay Lohan's new judge?
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Is Ashton Kutcher Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week?

Who will it be… Ashton Kutcher, Tom Cruise or Lindsay Lohan’s new judge?

-Mean Betty

Ashton Kutcher

Another weekend is here, kittens. That means one thing—it’s time to select Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week. While it’s always a challenge for Mean Betty to narrow down all the nimrods in Tinsel Town to a mere few, that is why Mean Betty gets paid the big bucks. Grey Goose and Gucci isn’t cheap, pets!

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First runner up (and most likely winner)…

Ashton “I Cheated on Demi Moore” Kutcher

Say the words with Mean Betty, darlings… “Demi Moore was cheated on.” The sound of it alone is unnervingly unnatural and wrong. It just goes to show you that for every gorgeous woman out there exists a man that’s tired of having sex with her. If the rumors that Ashton boinked 22-year-old trollop Brittney Jones is true then there really is no hope for any of us ladies.

He should descend to a level lower than Jesse James, but remain a notch above Mel Gibson. This is one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. They’re the pair no one thought would last, but proved everyone wrong by having a seemingly enviable marriage. This news is depressing enough to make Mean Betty go sleep with Brad Pitt. No one’s faithful anyway, kittens. Mean would be doing Angelina Jolie a favor by exposing him before it inevitably happens.

Will this be the beginning of another slew of mistresses coming out against Ashton? Do you think he’ll surpass Tiger Woods in the “Young Skanks Schtooped” department, kittens? Only time will tell.

Second runner up

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0 thoughts on “Is Ashton Kutcher Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

  1. But Lindsay dear looked so smashing at her latest court appearance.
    I read somewhere that she was one “class act” prisoner. Can those two descriptors really be used together?

  2. Since when did everyone think Demi and Ashton were going to last? They’ve only been married for 5 years! Good for LiLo’s judge for banning cameras from the courtroom. This girl needs help and the cameras aren’t helping matters. Idiot of the week is Tom Cruise. He can spend $100 bucks on a costume and still get a very elaborate and indulgent costume, but $6,000? (And I happen to think $100 is a ridiculous amount to spend on a costume) Talk about a complete failure to teach values…

  3. Maybe without the cameras, Ms Lohan will take the courtroom more seriously. This mut be what Demi was afraid of all along. I think that Tom is the idiot of the week. If this keeps up, poor Suri will never find a husband who can afford her…

    Should snagging a “husband that can afford her” be Suri’s end goal anyway? Does anyone remember the women’s movement or personal independence for women? sheesh!

  5. I think Mean Betty’s pretty presumptuous to name Ashton as idiot of the week. The article says it all “IF it’s proven to be true”. It hasn’t been proven, therefore it’s unfair and unreasonable to “assume” – and remember what “assume” does. Tom Cruise is the idiot of the week. $6000 for a costume for a 4 year old who most likely won’t even remember it. As another poster said – way to teach values. Oh, wait – in order to teach values, one must have values.

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