I Want James Franco To Handcuff Me To A Bed!

15 fantasies we'd see like to see become a reality if stuck with the sexy James Franco for 127 hours.
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I Want James Franco To Handcuff Me To A Bed!

15 fantasies we’d like to see become a reality if stuck with the sexy James Franco for 127 hours.

-Brooke Sager

James Franco

On November 15th, James Franco will once again grace the big screen in his new film, 127 Hours. It’s a true story about a mountain climber who gets trapped under a boulder while canyoneering. He soon finds himself fighting for survival for an excruciating 127 hours. This nail-biting plot has us eager to buy our tickets. And hey, watching the gorgeous, multi-talented star is certainly an added bonus.

127 hours is a pretty long time. So we couldn’t help but think—what would we do if we were stranded with James Franco for 127 hours? Oh, how the list could go on!

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With that, we present to you a list of 15 things we’d do with James if we had the time and chance. Though with all those hours to kill, we could probably come up with 127 ideas.

1. Have him teach us how to turn an apple and an alarm clock into smoking devices (a la Pineapple Express).

2. Watch him smile that crooked smile for 2 hours straight. After all, he was voted “Best Smile” of his high school senior class.

3. Play cheerleader and horny football star with him. Since he played a popular heartthrob of a jock in Whatever It Takes, it could be fun to shake our pom poms for James.

4. James seems to frequently find himself in boxing matches (Annapolis and Spiderman). We’d be there with a first aid kit and sweat towel, just in case. It would be our pleasure to kiss his wounds.

Upside down kissing and more next…

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0 thoughts on “I Want James Franco To Handcuff Me To A Bed!

  1. Fashionista says:

    I just saw him on the Today show talking about 127 Hours with director Dannie Boyle… sounds like it’s a great movie!

  2. CityLady212 says:

    those dimples really are to die for.

  3. danggirl says:

    I heard that people were barfing and fainting at screenings of 127 Hours! I like the images here much more :)

  4. sugarpie says:

    Good grief, @danggirl, why were they barfing??

    The cheerleader/football player thing is good.

  5. Must Love Pink 16 says:

    ooo upside down Spidey kiss! Yes please!

  6. cindychampion12 says:

    Totally excited to see this movie!

  7. dreapuff says:

    I would love to do ALL of these things! I HAVE to see this movie! James Franco is my exception. If you know what I mean;]

  8. mannequin says:

    swoon. What is it about a guy with a crooked smile?

  9. mommyof2 says:

    This movie should be a little unsettling on the stomach. This is a true story and the man actually had to cut his arm off with a pocket knife and pull the tendons out with the plier side of the knife. This is an amazing story and should be told right. And James Franco is the right person for the job.

  10. shootscott says:

    Oh god, good movie…but I didn’t know what to do cause I had to puke, and didn’t know how to get up without disturbing anyone in the theater. And my boyfriend who is a really big horror movie buff…fainted… Very very gruesome.

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