How to Score a Date By Valentine’s Day

Follow these four tips to make sure you have plans for February 14th.

How to Score a Date By Valentine’s Day

Follow these four tips to make sure you have plans for February 14th.

-Faye Brennan

10 Valentine's Day Date Ideas That Aren't Cheesy

Yes, you’re single, but you’re not about to dress in all black and pout your way through Valentine’s Day. You can get a date for February 14th if you really want to – you’re young, smart, sexy and desirable… A total Betty.

And all Bettys need to do to have plans for Valentine’s Day is to follow the advice of Whitney Casey, a relationship expert for and author of The Man Plan: Drive Men Wild… Not Away. Here, she shares four foolproof ways to meet your 2011 Valentine.

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1. Spread the word.
Let everyone know—loud and clear—that you’re looking for a plus one for a Valentine’s Day dinner. “Your friends, family and coworkers know you, and they know other people,” says Casey. “By empowering your network to become your personal matchmaker, you may very well find your cupid.” Think of your friends as your personal love pimps and make them work for you!

2. Be a sport.
If you’re going to find a guy quickly, you need to go where they are, which means joining a co-ed sports team or league. “Kickball, dodgeball, really ANYTHING with balls will work,” Casey stresses. “Trust me, the ratio of men to chicks will be in your favor. All that sweaty activity elevates the hormones, sending out unmistakable signals.” Don’t forget to play rough… there’ll be more opportunities for physical fouls.

3. Beat your competition.
You can make fun of it all you want in front of your friends, but online dating works. In today’s world, one in five relationships begin online, and nothing says that “one” can’t be you. As Casey says, “Joining an online dating site like or is a no-brainer. Not only does it give you instant access to thousands of singles, but you can also check out your competition so you’re in the know as you hunt for your next John Doe.” In other words, log on to see who else is out there. Once you see the competition (but more likely, lack thereof), your confidence will skyrocket, and sending out those intro messages will seem ridiculously easy. The best part? Your friends never have to know!

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4. Man up.
Do you really want someone to hang out with on Valentine’s Day? Then it’s time to grow a pair and leave your comfort zone. Yes, we’re talking about that stud muffin in your marathon training group. And yes, you need to make the first move. “If there’s someone you’ve had your eye on for a while – a mysterious guy at work or someone you bump into regularly at the grocery store – take a chance and ask him out,” advises Casey. “You’ll never know unless you take the first step!”

And, you’ll never have a date for Valentine’s Day if you waste the next week thinking, “Woe is me and my single girl status!” So, try out these four strategies and see where they lead. At the very least, you may score a date for February 15th (we know how some guys get spooked by all the candy hearts and flowers).

Tell us: Have you used any of these strategies to meet a guy? Did they work?

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    I’d be into joining a co-ed league, just to try it out.

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    What fun ideas. I’m lucky in that I already have a date though.

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    Tries all the tips and still no luck :) Must just be rubbish at dating!

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    So long to wait to next Valentines day to try out these tips! Karla

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