How To Protect Your Hair Color

How to protect your hair color: You pamper and baby your skin ... why no love for your locks?

How To Protect Your Hair Color

You pamper and baby your skin … why no love for your locks?

-Jackie Cascarano,

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We spend thousands of dollars to cut and color our hair on a yearly basis, but when we get home, a lot of us think we can treat it like the ugly stepchild to our skin, which we slather with pricey products and protect daily with loads of SPF.

Lock & Mane sat down with Oscar Blandi’s rockstar colorist Kyle White for tips on how we can protect our hair color investment.

White is more than a colorist. He is the Sherlock Holmes of hair, deducing damage way before it is visible to the layperson (you and I). He tells us he is consistently frustrated by his clients’ failure to protect his color creations from the elements of sun, chlorine, salt water and harmful shampoos!

“I always tell women, protect your investment. I see what happens to color and they never realize it until I start asking them questions. Did you wash with Prell? Were you somewhere with well water? Did you spend a day in the sun?” Kyle said when we asked him about how he goes about assessing color damage. 

There are, luckily, a few things we can do to protect our hair color investment:  

1. Use a shampoo that is meant for color-treated hair. It isn’t just a marketing gimmick to get you to buy a new shampoo. Shampoos for normal, non-color-treated locks contain ingredients that remove color pigment and facilitate fading. Oscar Blandi’s Jasmine Smoothing Shampoo, naturally, is Kyle’s favorite to preserve color.

2. Your hair needs sunscreen too! This is probably the most basic thing we do to protect our skin but the truth of the matter is our hair needs it just as badly. If you’re a natural brunette with light highlights the sun will turn those highlights from blonde to red in no time flat and cause the color to lose all contrast and dimension. Kyle recommends wearing a scarf or a hat during prolonged periods of sun exposure. You can also use products with hair protecting SPF like Rene Furterer’s Waterproof Protecting Fluid.

3. You can prevent chlorine from infiltrating your locks.  Every blondie we know has had that traumatic moment where they emerge from the pool hoping to look like Heidi Klum but looking more like the Swamp Thing with (GASP!) green-tinted locks. Kyle tells us that hair is like a sponge — when it’s dry it’s more likely to absorb chemicals.  If you wet your head before jumping in the pool your locks are less likely to absorb all that bad stuff that will cause fading and oxidation.

4. Don’t shampoo every day. We at Lock & Mane say this all the time and women are finally starting to listen. DO NOT SHAMPOO EVERY DAY! “It never ceases to amaze me that women will not stop washing every day,” Kyle said to us. “Every single time you wash your hair it fades your hair color. Every time.” So, come on girls. Hop on the Dry Shampoo bandwagon. It is waiting at the station for you and it wants your highlights to look gorgeous. Kyle recommends washing every third day.

Now you know what to do and what not to do. There is no reason your gorgeous summer color can’t last well into the Fall. Remember, kids, with great highlights come great responsibility.

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