How to Get Toned Arms Like Kate Middleton

Who wouldn't want to have toned and tight arms like the Duchess of Cambridge? We can tell you how to get them!

How to Get Toned Arms Like Kate Middleton

Who wouldn’t want to have toned and tight arms like the Duchess of Cambridge? We can tell you how to get them!

-PJ Gach

 kate  middleton at the sun military awards

When we saw the photos of Kate Middleton stepping out at the Sun Military Awards in her strapless black velvet McQueen gown, we were stunned. Oh yeah, we loved the dress, but look at her arms! They’re toned, taut and in shape!

We wanted to know how to get them, so we turned to Melissa Paris, a nationally recognized. New York City-based personal trainer and to get advice and workout information on how to get those sexy arms.

Melissa states, “How to get Kate Middleton arms equal a good combination of strength training and a clean, healthy-eating diet. Here is a workout you can do three times a week to get toned arms like the princess herself. It is a total body workout that focuses on upper body but also keeps your heart rate elevated so you’re burning calories throughout.”

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Melissa recommends incorporting these exercises the next time you hit the gym:

Three sets of 15 pushups.

Three sets of lat pull downs (light weight) do 12-15 repetitions.

30 seconds of mountain climbers.

Three sets overhead press light weight (10 lbs) 12-15 repetitions.

Three sets of 12-15 rows (palm face each other).

30 seconds doing tuck jumps.

Three sets hammer curls 15 repetitions.

Three sets 20 dips.

30 seconds doing jumping jacks.

”Exercising is only a piece of the pie to get Mrs. Middleton’s arms,” explains Melissa,” A few things I love to live by is water, water, water and lots of vegetables!”

Melissa recommends eating a breakfast that’s loaded with fiber and healthy fats helps to keep your bowels functioning. She says, “Packing lunch the night before helps if you’re not a morning person and you’re always in a rush. You really don’t want to get stuck trying to choose a healthy option from the work cafeteria.”

”Eating my carbohydrates in the first half of the day helps because your body does not store them.” adds Melissa. She also suggests limiting alcohol and caffeine consumption and suggests trying to have two to three hours between your last meal and bedtime for proper digestion.

Below is a sample menu that Melissa suggests you try to get your body in princess condition.

Breakfast: Flax cereal with blueberries

Snack: carrots and hummus

Lunch: mixed greens, fresh tuna or turkey on whole wheat toast

Snack: pear or apple and sunflower butter

Dinner: grilled chicken and kale

 ”In order to have the body you want, you have to feed it what it wants.” Melissa believes that “thinking of food as fuel may help in the choices you make. Planning out your meals in advance like you plan your week for work will eliminate bad choices. Thinking of how you will feel in the long term as apposed to fulfilling a short term food fix will also help motivate you. I like to write down goals for myself. For example: I will not eat past 7pm for the whole month of January.”

Tell us: Have you started a new workout or diet regimen for the New Year?

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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