How to Get Ripped Kelly Ripa Arms!

Personal trainer Keith Byard let's us know how we can get arms like Kelly Ripa!
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How to Get Ripped Kelly Ripa Arms!

Exercising advice from Kelly Ripa’s trainer on how you can get awesome arms

-Debbie Emery

Kelly Ripa

Millions of women start the day enjoying their morning coffee and tuning into Live With Regis And Kelly. While some just laugh at their witty banter and enjoy the guest interviews, many of us also marvel at Kelly Ripa‘s amazing body and wonder how a 37-year-old mother of three could get so fit?

While she’s clearly super-toned from head-to-toe, the 5-foot-3-inch morning show host is most famous for her ridiculously ripped arms. Her secret? Working out with an ex-Marine four days a week! Ripa’s long time personal trainer Keith Byard reveals to how Kelly got her bulging biceps and perfect bod.

“We mostly train in NYC in Central Park, it’s great to workout outside,” says Byard, who has been putting Kelly through her paces for the past 10 years but really stepped up her workouts last December. “She is naturally tiny so we don’t lift any weights apart from small dumbbells. We do a lot of cardio, jump rope and calisthenics. Her body took to the workout right away once she started training.”

Byard breaks down a typical workout so that you too can get the arms of an athlete!


medicine ball

To get your blood flowing, start off tossing a four-pound medicine ball in the air, bouncing it on the floor as hard as you can, throwing it from side to side, and – if you have a workout partner – passing it between you. The extra weight will soon warm up your muscles and get you ready to work! Byard then has Kelly jump rope for eight minutes to boost her heart rate, which is a lot more challenging than it was in the school yard.



Begin with bicep curls using five-pound dumbbells. “I do compound training,” explains Byard, meaning that he has Kelly do a set of 10 reps then increases it to 15, 20 and finally 25 without a break in between.
“You go from anaerobic to aerobic workout (i.e. from strength training to cardio) right away to burn a hell of a lot more calories.”

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