How Important Is It to Have a Wedding Date?

Is it really that embarrassing to go stag to a wedding, or is having a plus one better than no one?
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How Important Is It to Have a Wedding Date?

Is it really that embarrassing to go stag to a wedding, or is having a plus one better than no one?

-Faye Brennan


I’ve only been to one wedding in my adult life. I was my ex-boyfriend’s date about three years ago to his friend’s nuptials in the Bronx. But, I don’t really count that as a “wedding I’ve been to,” because we spent most of the reception in our hotel room (I know, we weren’t the best guests).

Being that I’m a wedding newbie, I’m a little in the dark about the pros and cons of having a wedding date. I’ve been invited to two of my close friends’ weddings this summer, and since I’m single, I have to worry about things like this now. All I know is what I’ve learned from watching movies like The Wedding Date – AKA, if you’re ex is going to be there, you better hire a ridiculously delicious-looking escort.

But the ceremonies I’m attending won’t be like the royal wedding, in that no exes will be involved. So, is it really a big deal for me to go stag? Or should I be hunting for a wedding date as we speak?

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On the one hand, it might be fun to go by myself. Everyone says weddings are a great place to meet people… and to hook-up. Wedding Crashers is one of my favorite movies ever, and if these weddings will be anything like the drunken, rowdy “Jump up and shout now!” montage in the beginning of that flick, then I can’t WAIT to go stag. Mazel tov!

But, when I think about it, the guests who will be spraying champagne on the dance floor will be people I know… from high school. And college. Two thoughts immediately come to mind: 1. I need to look really good, and 2. the odds of meeting someone new who isn’t a startling blast from the past will be very small. If I wasn’t interested in them then, I definitely won’t be interested now and risk becoming the butt of the joke, “You won’t believe who hooked up at Sarah’s wedding…” The past should stay in the past. At least that’s my motto.

So, maybe bringing a date would be a good thing. Assuming that I like the company of said person, at least I’ll have someone to dance with and a partner who’ll shield me from the familiar faces I hadn’t planned/didn’t want to see. He can help me collect the good hor’dourves as they float through the reception and we can giggle together all the way back to our room after we’ve had our fill of the open bar and doing the barefoot electric slide.

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8 thoughts on “How Important Is It to Have a Wedding Date?

  1. I have had to go to two weddings in the past year and a half, both times I went without a date. This summer I will be going to another wedding. It is all the same friends and many are my close friends, so they would know if I showed up with a date, it is not someone I am dating. I did ask the guy I was dating to go to the wedding with me this summer, but since we are just friends now, I am not sure if he will go with me.

    I hate going to weddings alone because I want someone to dance with. Don’t get me wrong I love hanging with my friends but taking a date would be fun.

  2. It is worth hiring an Escort to do a sensual dance or company to make friends of the bride or groom. You spend the death. Well … Then there is always someone who hires more services … but that's another story.

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