Hot Links! James Bond's Guide to Pickup Lines

Plus: How to bond with anyone on a first date, five rules for life from Fashion Binge's Tamar Anitai, and more!

Hot Links! James Bond’s Guide to Pickup Lines

Plus: How to bond with anyone on a first date, five rules for life from Fashion Binge’s Tamar Anitai, and more!

-Lucia Peters

Daniel Craig James Bond

What’s that? You don’t have a Facebook account? Apparently this means that you might be a sociopath. Or something. Just sayin’. (TheGloss)

Mad Men’s Jessica Pare just upped her cool quotient exponentially by singing with The Jesus and Mary Chain. Video here! (The Frisky)

There’s always room for dessert. No, really—science says so! (YouBeauty)

Tattoos are great and all… but would you really want to be stuck with a typo on your arm for the rest of your life? Yikes! (The Berry)

“Tell me, Miss Trench, do you play any other games?”: James Bond’s guide to pickup lines. Because who wouldn’t want to be picked up by a secret agent? (TresSugar)

First dates can be awkward… but these 10 universal truths will help you bond with anyone on a date. And we mean absolutely anyone. Full speed ahead! (HowAboutWe)

Fashion Binge’s Tamar Anitai dishes on her five rules for life—including the fact that there is almost no such thing as too much mascara. Key word: “almost.” (BeautyBloggingJunkie)

Uh-oh: Is Rihanna getting booted from Nivea? The rumor mill keeps turning! (TheGloss)

Sweaty summer skin sucks. But there’s a solution! This five-step program will get you glowing again in no time! (The Frisky)

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  1. James Adib says:

    All the James Bond films are brilliant, but my fav' actor is Danial Craig. He is an overall Great Actor, with "talent" and many other Movies he Stars in are Cracker.

  2. Be a great actor! Or as some would say, "fake it til you make it". You have to be able to adapt to all kinds of scenarios and be able to "play the part" sometimes, especially when you're NOT passionate about something.
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