Hey Guys, Women LOVE Creative First Dates!

Real women respond to the article we ran earlier this week about the creative first date ideas men are too shy to propose.
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Hey Guys, Women LOVE Creative First Dates!

Real women respond to the article we ran earlier this week about the creative first date ideas men are too shy to propose.

-Faye Brennan

Women love creative date ideas

On Monday, we ran an article called “First Dates Guys Thought Up But Would Be Scared to Try Out” by our resident straight guy, Justin DeMarco. In the piece, several men propose uncommon first date ideas that they would love to take a girl on, but assume they’d just get rejected.


I wasn’t the only one reading the article saying to myself, “But I would go on that date!” In fact, the truth is, women don’t want the old dinner-and-a-movie song and dance. We’d much rather be asked to do something more substantial, fun, and interesting.

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In the words of one Betty reader, “PLEASE take us on fun activity dates!” says Taryn, 28, from New York City. “Any guy that takes the time to think about something I might enjoy that’s new and different gets major points.”

“Women are dying to go on creative dates,” adds Andrea, 34, from Santa Monica. “Anything that gets us to go beyond the ‘resume’ conversation is a great way to build chemistry, fun, trust and relatedness. If men want to be creative on dates, DO IT!”

In fact, BettyTalk member pogmathoin commented on Justin’s piece, “Where do I meet a guy like the ones in this article?”

Read on for more women’s reactions to the date ideas some guys proposed…

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0 thoughts on “Hey Guys, Women LOVE Creative First Dates!

  1. singingnymph says:

    While it may not allow for a lot of talking & getting-to-know-you time, going to an arcade is a fun date. I had a nice one last year, actually (I’m 31.) I’m a skeeball fan from way back & the guy played an assortment of other games that provided tickets when you win. He ended up winning rather a lot on a video game version of “Deal Or No Deal.”
    The arcade hand some really strange prizes, but they also had some Beanie Babies. We pooled our tickets & he grabbed a couple to auction off on E-bay, but I went home w/ a few that I really liked for myself. Afterward, we walked around the pier & talked, did some seal watching & were amused by the antics of the pelicans strutting around like they owned the place. We watched the sunset from the pier, which was lovely & we both had a good time. The arcade was a little more $ than we expected (most games that you’d think should be 1 token were 2), but that wasn’t a big deal, but otherwise it was a fairly inexpensive date.

    Another creative date idea would be to go to your local observatory or planetarium, which usually have interesting programs that are or free or inexpensive. Even if you’re not an astronomy geek, you can still learn a little & the atmosphere is conducive to getting cuddly.

  2. imtiazit says:

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  3. bobbimariah says:

    yes to creative dates!

  4. phantomspots says:

    Well I’ll be gosh darn, I haz a quote! @singingnymph: Love your date experience and idea. The arcade is perfect for bonding over a little healthy competition and embracing your inner nerd (a.k.a. kicking his butt at Street Fighter! ;) I’d also love to gaze at the stars and learn the science behind them at the Planetarium. Ah, sweet geek romance!

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