Happy Birthday, Michael Fassbender! The Birthday Boy's 11 Hottest Roles

Happy 35th birthday, Michael Fassbender! In honor of the occasions, here are your 11 hottest roles. We thank you for them.
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Happy Birthday, Michael Fassbender! The Birthday Boy’s 11 Hottest Roles

Happy 35th birthday, Michael Fassbender! In honor of the occasions, here are your 11 hottest roles. We thank you for them.

-Lucia Peters

Michael Fassbender

My, but Michael Fassbender has been a busy boy! In between the four major films he released in 2011, he managed to find time to (maybe) get kicked out of his party and make his way onto our list of Hot Irish Actors We’d Like to Share a Drink With. Happily, with films like Prometheus on the horizon, it’s looking like 2012 is going to be just as busy for him. And guess what? Today is his 35th birthday! Happy birthday, Michael!

In honor of the occasion, we’ve rounded up the actor’s 11 hottest roles for your viewing (and drooling) pleasure. All together, now: Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Michael… happy birthday to you!

1. Burton “Pat” Christenson, Band of Brothers

Michael Fassbender Band of Brothers

If you haven’t seen the epic ten-part, 11-hour World War II miniseries Band of Brothers, you really owe it to yourself to do so. The narrative centers around the “E” (Easy) Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), 101st Airborne Division; as such, it features a large ensemble cast, though Major Richard Winters, played by Damien Lewis, is probably who you’d consider the main character, insofar as there is one. In his very first role, Michael played Sergeant Burton “Pat” Christenson.

2. Azazeal, Hex

Michael Fassbender Hex

British supernatural shows, even when flawed, are always enormous fun, and Hex is no exception. Strange occurrences begin to happen when Cassie (Christina Cole) arrives at the remote English school Medenham Hall—and they get even stranger when she meets Azazeal, who turns out to be the leader of the fallen angels known as the Nephilim. Azazeal, by the way, has a habit of showing up in students’ rooms without permission. Naughty, naughty, Michael Fassbender!

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3. Random bloke, Guiness ad

Bet you didn’t know that Michael Fassbender did a Guiness commercial way back in 2004, did you? He stars as a man who swims from Ireland aaaaaaall the way across the ocean to the US, just to tell his brother… well, I’ll let you see for yourselves, because it’s delightful.

4. Stelios, 300

Michael Fassbender 300

Let’s face it, there are really only two reasons to watch 300: The fight sequences, and the mostly-naked men. Don’t get me wrong, I love the original comic; but there’s really only so much you can expect from a Zach Snyder film. Anyway, Michael made an appearance as the hot-headed yet highly skilled Spartan warrior, Stelios. Yum.

5. Lt. Archie Hicox, Inglorious Basterds

Michael Fassbender Inglorious Basterds

Michael may have been somewhat ill-fated as the undercover British officer Lt. Archie Hicox in Quentin Tarantino’s World War II film, but he’s still great fun to watch. Fun fact: Michael does speak conversational German (his father is German and he was born in what was once West Germany), but he had to brush up on it a little for Inglorious Basterds, as he was feeling a little rusty. Michael also seems to have a fondness for Tarantino; he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in a stage version of Reservoir Dogs back in 1995 (he played Mr. Pink).

More of Michael at his hottest, including in Jane Eyre and X-Men: First Class, up next!

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