Hair Advice for Charlie Sheen's Goddesses

Tips for achieving truly goddess-worthy hair. Step away from the bleach, Natalie and Rachel!

Hair Advice for Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses

Tips for achieving truly goddess-worthy hair. Step away from the bleach, Natalie and Rachel!

-Jackie Cascarano,

Charlie Sheen's Goddesses

We at Lock & Mane had a wee bit of fun at the expense of Charlie Sheen’s ‘goddesses’, Natalie Kenley and Rachel Oberlin in our article, “How to Get Charlie Sheen Goddess Hair!” (Or as we like to call it, “hooker hair”…) However, while Mean Betty is our idol, we thought it was time to put the snark to the side (temporarily) and give the peroxide posse some helpful tips to achieve real goddess hair. Here are some easy steps to transform Charlie’s follicly-challenged angels into modern day hair Aphrodites.

Whitney Port

1. Say No to Bleach!
Kenley and Rachel need to stop overly processing their locks and go for a more natural, honey hue. Too much peroxide strips your hair of needed moisture, so a new no-bleach outlook will instantly create a healthier, glossier look. But no need to go back to your natural color, ladies (which we will assume is dark brown, given your roots), you can achieve a subtle and pretty gold hue if you just tone it down a bit. Our blonde goddess inspiration is Miss Whitney Port, who always knocks it out of the park with her natural, healthy looking locks.

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Penelope Cruz hair

2. Step Away From The Flat Iron!
Not only do the Sheen goddesses suffer from peroxide overload but flat iron hair-fry. Heat damage can create brittle, dry hair with noticeable split ends. If Kenley and Rachel want to look like real bombshells, they simply need to put away their flat irons and invest in some hot roller  and volumizing spray. There’s a time and a place for pin-straight locks… Demi Moore can pull it off but the goddesses cannot. We recommend some Brigitte Bardot sex kitten volume and bounce to give some life to those lifeless tresses. Our bombshell hair inspiration is none other than Penelope Cruz whose voluminous, sultry hair has its own brand of sex appeal.

Kate Middleton engagement hair

3. Add Shine!
To achieve true hair godliness, the gruesome twosome needs to get rid of the dull, drab hair and add some high-shine STAT. Our shiny-haired inspiration is none other than the closest thing to the divine on this earth: royalty! Princess-to-be Kate Middleton has the sleekest, glossiest, to die for locks we’ve seen in ages. To get Kate’s sleek look, Kenley & Rachel should invest in some of our favorite Glossing Cream by celeb stylist Oscar Blandi or a deep shine treatment like Alterna’s 3 Minute Shine Boost.

There you have it! Think we should Tweet this to Charlie so he can pass it on to the goddesses?

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