Gossip Girl's Got its Own Fashion Line: Is It Too Late?

Pricey GG styled-items are hitting the stores, will you?

Gossip Girl’s Got its Own Fashion Line: Is It Too Late?

Pricey GG styled-items are hitting the stores, will you?

-Diana Denza

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When Gossip Girl was in its prime, I would have given my right arm to strut around in the duds worn by Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen, which is saying a lot (no more writing/typing like a madwoman!).

Luckily for my right arm, I was given that chance in 2009 by Anna Sui’s Target collaboration based on the show’s female leads, and again in 2010 when Eric Daman, the series’ creative director and stylist, created a line of party dresses inspired by the show for Charlotte Russe.

But beginning in the middle of the third season, so-called scandals seemed frivolous and played out, we’d seen more of Serena’s cleavage than we’d like to admit, and Blair ran out of places to stick her oversized bows.

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And this just happens to be the time when Romeo & Juliet Couture and series producers will make their awfully tardy attempt at making big bucks on GG’s style stars.

I can’t help but wonder why, when the blogosphere was filled with Serena and Blair outfit imitators and every other teenage girl wanted to look like a GG starlet, they didn’t decide to cash in.

As it stands, there are two reasons I’d walk over (running won’t be required –this is no Missoni for Target, ladies) to Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Kitson. The first would be if they hosted a complimentary how-to-Serenafy-your-hair session (because I am still obsessed). And the second would be if the items are so mind-blowingly gorgeous I wouldn’t mind owning pieces from a has-been show.

Don’t be deceived –this line isn’t exactly branded to teeny boppers and their lunch money. Items, which will include GG-inspired tops, bottoms, outerwear, and dresses, will be priced from $80-$200.

This is just inkling, but something tells me gals would rather spend a small fortune on pieces they’d want to brag to their frenemies about.

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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