Golden Globes Face-Off! Love It or Hate It: Rooney Mara, Zooey Deshanel and More

We can't agree on these Golden Globes gowns -- tell us what you think!

Golden Globes Face-Off! Love It or Hate It: Rooney Mara, Zooey Deschanel and More

We can’t agree on these Golden Globes gowns — tell us what you think!

-PJ Gach and April Daniels Hussar

Golden Globes 2012 red carpet

When it comes to picking best and worst dressed at awards shows, we’re usually of a consensus — last night we all loved Charlize Theron, swooned over Brad and Angie, drooled over Salma Hayek and could not get over Kelly Osbourne’s awful gray hair. (Why? WHYYYYYY??)

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But there were a few gowns we simply could not agree on, and rather than fight it out manicure to manicure, we thought we’d present our battle cries and let you, dear readers, be the ultimate judge.

Without further ado…

Laura Dern in Andrew Gn

 Laura Dern Golden Globes

April: This was one of my top favorits of the night! Totally flattering, glamorous, classy. LOVED it. And she looked great when she moved in it, when she was accepting her award. High praise for this one!

PJ: If there’s just ONE dress that can age you so that you look like a grandmother at a Bat Mitvah, it’s this dress. BURN IT. Seriously, it’s worse than any Mother of the Bride gowns out there.

Rooney Mara in Nina Ricci

Rooney Mara Golden Globes

PJ: Good Lord! Is she doing an imitation of a corpse? Rooney’s incredibly pale skin combined with the inky blackness of the gown makes me want to rush her to a hospital for a transfusion. STAT.

April: I know what you mean about it being rather goth, but the fierceness of it works for me, especially when you consider the character she was nominated for. There’s a reason we have Rooney Mara as our top trendsetter to watch in 2012! (By the way — I worship at the altar of Meryl Streep as we all do — but Rooney was robbed! Robbed I say!!)

Zooey Deschanel in custom Prada

Zooey Deschanel 2012 Golden Globes

PJ: Oh Zooey! I have a mad girl crush on her. I love her whimsical/indie gal style. Love the big Marlo Thomas hair, the tux nails — tooo freaking cute — and the delicious Prada gown. Want to borrow her massive vintage pearl, diamonds and platinum ring by Van Cleef & Arpels. I sadly own a Forever 21 copy. To me, head to toe, Zooey’s a winner!

April: I love the dress! Love it. Love the front, love the back, love the clutch. Adored the tuxedo mani. And I love Zooey. But … the hair …  no.

Zooey Deschanel 2012 Golden Globes

April: Why the sideburns? Nooooo.

Elle MacPherson in Zac Posen

Elle MacPherson Golden Globes

PJ: An escapee from a bridal fashion show.

April: What? Are you on crack? Elle is a GODDESS. A goddess, I say! And she is dressed as befits a goddess. Also I like her bracelets! Pretttyyyy.

Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci Premiere

Evan Rachel Wood Golden Globes

April: Totally gorgeous and glam. I love the mermaid tail full of gothic feathers.

PJ: Pretty look, but a major yawn (sorry, Tim Gunn). We’ve seen this “I’m too cool for school” look on the red carpet so many times I almost take a nap when she’s doing the walk. Only reason I don’t close my eyes — hoping (fruitlessly) for a change. BORING.

April: How is she being too cool for school? This gown is anything but boring! It’s the height of edgy glamour. So there!

Tell Us: Which of these gowns do you love? WHO’S RIGHT??

April Daniels Hussar is BettyConfidential’s executive editor and PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style+Beauty. When they aren’t fighting over red carpet gowns they like to steal each other’s jewelry.

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0 thoughts on “Golden Globes Face-Off! Love It or Hate It: Rooney Mara, Zooey Deshanel and More

  1. The good: the color of Dern’s dress (and that’s it), Mara’s entire look!!!, Elle is a godess and so is her look, and Evan Rachel Wood’s entire package.

    The bad: all of Zoey- why? why? why???, the sequins and cut of Dern’s dress- it does look like a mother of the bride gown.

  2. I’m kind of on the fence about Evan Rachel Wood. I sort of like it and sort of hate it. I’m over the “mermaid look” so Elle’s got to go. Laura Dern just looked like something was a little…”off”…I can’t put my finger on it. Rooney is falling for her own publicity and looks like she’s still channeling Lisbeth.

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