Geek Girl: Calvin and Hobbes + How to Tell If You're An Angry Drunk

We also have naked archaeologists, killer squirrels and a Star Trek mailbox.

Geek Girl: Calvin and Hobbes + How to Tell If You’re An Angry Drunk

We also have naked archaeologists, killer squirrels and a Star Trek mailbox.

-Lucia Peters and PJ Gach


Happy holidays everyone! Whether you’re celebrating Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, Yule or Festivus-for the rest of us, we here at Geek Girl wish you a very merry and happy happy one.

Good heavens, this is the what, second to last Geek Girl column of the year? My how time flies! Then again, one of us (PJ) loathes and has issues comprehending and dealing with linear time…let’s not get into that, okay?

For this week’s roundup, we’ve got a wonderfully twisted holiday video, 3D copiers that can (theoretically) be turned into a transporter, squirrels with fangs, naked people in dirt AKA archaeologists and more.

Read on Macduff!

Have a Very Calvin and Hobbes Holiday

calvin and hobbes 

I don’t know about you, but I used to love Calvin and Hobbes. It was my favorite comic strip when I was a kid, and I was devastated when Bill Watterson stopped drawing it at the end of 1995. One of the best parts about Calvin and Hobbes during the winter was, of course, the appearance of Calvin’s increasingly creative (and twisted) snow creations. From frozen monsters terrorizing innocent snow people to a wintery Easter Island, Calvin’s versions of snowmen have always taken the proverbial cake. And this is why I am pleased to present the following video to you.

YouTuber Jim Frommeyer  and his buddy Teague Chrystie recreated some of Calvin’s most memorable snow sculptures, set them up on Jim’s dining room table, and filmed them, all to the tune of “Winter Wonderland.” Hilarious? You’d better believe it! Watch it here:

This video may not exactly be new—it’s been circulating the interwebs since last week—but as this is the last Geek Girl column before Christmas, it felt right to gift it to you now. So happy holidays, Bettys. Laugh heartily. You deserve it.

PS For a behind-the-scenes look at how Jim and Teague put together their little master piece, go here.  It’s neat—we promise!

Ring in The New Year with a Naked Archaeologist!

 naked archaelogists

What’s that you say, you need a new calendar for the New Year? You’re tired of the same old thing, then check out the Naked Archaeologist Calendar 2012 (£8, $12.53, For 12 glorious months, you’ll get photos of male and female archaeologists in and out of holes, digging ditches, doing all the things they do, but doing it naked at excavations in Silchester, Jordan and Scotland.

 naked archaeoligist

The calendar is brought to by RUINED (Reading Archaelogy Society). It’s part of their annual fund-raising. They’re trying raise money for their Silchester project. All monies from the calendar are going straight back in to that project. So far, they’ve sold 127 of them. You can also join the group on Facebook.

Buy yours today and keep future archaeologists from freezing their tushes off.

To Boldly Go Where No Mail Has Gone Before

star trek mailbox

Redditor ModXMV’s uncle has the best mailbox ever. He also must be a really huge Star Trek fan, because the aforementioned mailbox looks like the Starship Enterprise. Yes, he made it himself. It’s also solar-powered and lights up at night. Just, y’know, in case it wasn’t awesome enough already. The house number is written on the Enterprise’s body as its stardate of creation, and the serial number has been replaced with the letters USPS. Sometimes I wish I still lived in the suburbs, just so I could have a mailbox this cool (it’s hard to turn a NYC apartment mailbox into something like the Enterprise). Live long and prosper, ModXMV and your uncle!

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Killer Squirrels!


Would a dog chase a squirrel if it had fangs that rivaled a saber-tooth tiger? Probably not. It’s a good thing that your dog is around now instead of 93 million years ago. Which would have put you, your dog and the squirrel in the Cretaceous Period (144 to 65 million years ago).

Argentina  has an incredibly rich fossil bed. It’s found in the Patagonian province of Rio Negro. Paleontologists Sebastian Apesteguia, Leandro Gaetano and Guillermo Rougier found two partial skulls and jaw bridges of a tiny mammal, Cronopio dentiacutus, a saber-toothed squirrel there! The animal, according to their paper, was probably 6-inches long, had a long snout, very long tusks and may have actually resembled Sqrat (seriously!) from the movie, Ice Age. However, it most likely ate insects, not nuts.


“During the time of the dinosaurs no mammal was larger than a mouse,” said Sebastian Apesteguia, at a presentation at the Maimonides University in Buenos Aires. He also added that “they could do whatever they wanted, but only underground or at night, but not in the view of dinosaurs.”

Cronopio dentiacutus is member of the group, dryolestoids, a marsupial–type animal whose remains have been found in South and North America.

In that river bed, they also found a rooster-sized dinosaur related to the Velociraptor —you know the crazy smaller versions of T-Rex like dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. It’s cousin is named Buitreraptor.

If you thought that a cartoon couldn’t be prescient enough to predict an undiscovered dinosaur, did you know that the infamous Velociraptor was fiction when Michael Crichton wrote Jurassic Park? Shortly after its publication, paleontologists found the remains of one! And yes, they named the newly discovered beastie after the dino in the book.

When Science Meets Booze: Predict Whether You’ll Be an Angry Drunk

drunk guy

Are you the type of person who only lives in the now? Do you pretty much never look forward to the future? Are you fixated on the present? Well, guess what: It’s been scientifically proven that when intoxicated, you become the dreaded Angry Drunk.

It’s true! A new study measured how much 495 subjects thought about the future by asking them how much they agreed with statements like “I only act to satisfy immediate concerns, figuring the future will take care of itself.” Then they got some of the subjects drunk and gave placebos to the others before having them play a game that involved competitors giving them electric shocks. Interestingly, subjects who leaned more towards the “I only deal with now” end of things were a lot more likely to be aggressive when given the chance to shock their competitors back. Subjects who tended to deal more with the future, however, saw no increase in their aggression levels, regardless of how much alcohol they had consumed.

According to researcher Brad Bushman, “Alcohol has a myopic effect—it narrows your attention to what is important to you right now. That may be dangerous to someone who already has that tendency to ignore the future consequences of their actions and who is placed in a hostile situation.” I knew there was a reason why I hate beer pong…

Yes Scotty, You Can Beam Me Up!


Sorry for the second Star Trek reference, but it’s so apt! Boing Boing Is reporting that Anil Dash has come up with a thesis that states a 3D printer could/should work with a 3D scanner and every time you use it and send something through the Internet, you are actually transporting an object. How cool is that!

He states, “The reason is simple: If you set the expectation that every device can both input and output 3D objects, you provide the necessary fundamentals for network effects to take off amongst creators. But no, these devices are not “3D fax machines”. What you’ve actually made, when you have an internet-connected device that can both send and receive 3D-printed objects, is a teleporter. I know that sci-fi nerds will point out that this is hardly teleportation, since you’re cloning the shape of the original object rather than actually sending the original object somewhere. But sci-fi correctness is not nearly as useful for the 3D printing industry as a totally futuristic concept that can get normal people excited. Imagine a simple television ad with a clean, well-designed (not a kit!) device saying “when you lose the wheel for your kid’s toy car, her friend can teleport her a replacement”.

Now all I or you have to do to get anywhere on time is to figure out how to get the 3D printer/3D scanner combo to scan and send you to your destination!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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