Five More Sex Terms You Should Know

Before you ride bareback or introduce your usher, be sure you know what you are talking about!
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Five More Sex Terms You Should Know

Before you ride bareback or introduce your usher, be sure you know what you are talking about!

-Libby Keatinge

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You loved our article, Ten Sex Terms You Should Know, but the lesson is not over yet. Here’s 5 more sex terms to add to your vocabulary. You may not want to use them yourself, but at least you will know what the guys are saying when they throw around their sexual slang!

1. Bareback: Referring to the classic “riding bareback,” which means riding a horse without a saddle, this term means having sex without a condom, which of course is not something to be done without a serious conversation!

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2. Bargain basement: If you are hanging out in a “bargain basement” you are in a bar, club, or restaurant where people who want to find an easy partner for sex only go “shopping” for such. Think of it as a specialized “meet market.”

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14 thoughts on “Five More Sex Terms You Should Know

  1. Referring to “Credit Card Vagina”…A not so well known fact:
    In porn films and pics, the vaginal lips are tucked in and hidden before being photographed. This leads most people to believe that this is how the vagina should look. Another “man” made myth.

  2. Was I supposed to snicker like a 13 year old boy when I read this? Because I honestly couldn’t help myself. There are TONS more terms that most women are clueless about.

  3. Really? Just how many more stupid, misogynistic and derogatory terms can “men” come up with for women? People who think these are funny are idiots. For any one crude remark about men, you can probably list 30+ for women. Give me a break already. Of course MB perpetuates this crap with these stupid lists. Classy.

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