Finding Your Prince: ‘Someday My Prince Will Come’ Author Jerramy Fine Dishes

‘Someday My Prince Will Come’ author Jerramy Fine proves that chivalry is alive with her tips on how to navigate London’s dating scene, finding Prince Harry, and that fairytales do come true.
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Someday My Prince Will Come

In honor of National Princess Week, we’re going back into the archives and giving you another look at Jerramy Fine’s true adventures of a wannabe princess. Put your tiara on and get ready to go royal!

A not-so-secret confession of mine: Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had dreams of one day becoming a modern-day Cinderella. I even came up with a theory I like to call the Cinderella Philosophy – if you work hard, stay positive, and keep moving in the direction of your dreams, eventually good things will come to you. Sound impossible? I don’t think so! The only trouble I’ve ever had is finding others who embraced this life theory.

But right before I left for college, I read the autobiography Someday My Prince Will Come and found a kindred spirit in author Jerramy Fine. In it, Jerramy tells her story: How she moved to London to attend graduate school at the London School of Economics… and how she planned to pursue her “true love crush” Peter Phillips, who just so happens to be the Queen’s oldest grandson. After reading (and rereading) the book about a million times, I knew that Jerramy would have totally embraced my Cinderella philosophy! Recently, I was lucky enough to get the chance to chat with her about her life after the events of Someday My Prince Will Come, whether dating in London is any easier than in America, and whether fairytales are real – and what you can do yourself to make them come true.

BettyConfidential: Can you briefly sum up what Someday My Prince Will Come is about?

Jerramy Fine: My book is the true story of my childhood dream to leave my Colorado farm town behind by marrying into the British royal family and what happened when I set out to actually make this dream come true. I eventually arrived in London at age 19 (dream still very much intact) and many royal hijinks ensued!

BC: Your principle goal for so much of the book was to meet Peter Phillips. When you did finally meet him, what was it like?

JF: Surreal. Magical. And at the same, alarmingly normal. I can’t tell you anything more than that or I will give away the ending of the book!

BC: What happened after SMPWC ended? I always wondered if there would be a follow-up to it.

JF: I haven’t lived long enough to write a sequel! But rest assured, one is in the works.

BC: What’s the London dating scene like, as opposed to the American one? Is chivalry alive and thriving overseas (I like to imagine it is!), or is that just a misconception?

JF: Dating in London is very different from dating in the US for the simple fact that Englishmen have no idea what dating actually is. They’ve seen it happen in American movies and when they pretend not to be watching Sex and the City, but it still confuses the hell out of them. Still, English boys have to get together with girls somehow and once they meet them they have to do something with them. So they make it up as they go along in that charming, bumbling, entirely inept way that epitomizes what it means to be English. My third book, The Regal Rules (out July 2012), dedicates an entire chapter to the act of catching an Englishman. And believe me, it was hard to condense this subject down to a single chapter!

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BC: What are your top tips for girls and guys alike who are looking for their own Cinderella or Prince Charming?

JF: The Golden Rules to finding your prince/princess:

• Always be polite, but getting your foot in the royal door is not easy, so be prepared to punch your way in! Once you’re there, be sure to dress appropriately, to smile demurely and to say as a little as possible. (Check out the ball scene in the film My Fair Lady for more details.)

• Remember that royal protocol varies greatly according to the formality of setting. (Meeting Prince Harry at a charity reception is very different from meeting him in a nightclub!) When it comes to the younger royals, sometimes too much deference can cause embarrassment and draw unwanted attention. So when in doubt, stay calm, be as discrete as possible and take the lead from his friends.

• Watch your language. When in England, never say “toilet,” “couch” or “lounge.”

• Ignore fashion trends and stick with the classics. Learn to love cashmere and tweed.

• Buy a copy of Debrett’s and study your etiquette. Table manners can make or break your social standing, so memorize the proper way to eat peas and the correct direction to pass the port.

• Forget soccer and football. If you want to rub shoulders with royals, fill your days with rugby and polo matches.

• Do good. Royalty is not just about ball gowns and gemstones, palaces and pageantry. It is about looking beyond yourself in every situation, putting your duty to the nation before any personal desires, and using your position toward the greater good. So choose a charity that’s close to you heart and start volunteering!

• Above all, have confidence and believe in yourself. If you carry yourself with the grace and dignity of a princess, you have every right to move in regal circles.

More up next, including tips for “Harry Hunters!”

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