Fat Blasters For Winter!

Hate cold-weather exercise? Here's some help.
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Fat Blasters For Winter!

Hate cold-weather exercise? Here’s some help.

-Jane Farrell

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Winter really is the most dangerous time of the year if you want to stay or get in shape. Beginning at the end of November, you’ve got an obstacle course of huge meals, high-fat treats and potentially dangerous parties to get through. And what with the cold and the snow, suddenly exercise doesn’t seem like such an appealing idea anymore. With that combination, is it really a surprise that many people add a roll (or two) of fat over the winter? Check out these tips so you can avoid that happening to you:

Look into the future.
If you’re spending the winter curled up on the couch, inhaling hot chocolate and buttered popcorn, it doesn’t take a psychic to see what your problem will be by the time March arrives. It’s going to be too warm to wear those bulky clothes that cover you up, and bathing-suit season is coming up fast. It’s much easier to exercise right now than to throw yourself into some unrealistically hard springtime fitness routine. Dr. Lavinia Rodriguez, author of Mind Over Fat Matters: Conquering Psychological Barriers To Weight Management, says that winter is a great time to head to the gym because many people tend to stop working out during the winter months. So you’ll have more kinds of machines, and more classes, to investigate.

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Leave hibernating to the bears.
Even if it’s really cold, head outside for a while to breathe the air and get some unexpected exercise: walking down your street or across the local park will burn extra calories if you’re scrambling over piles of snow, or making your way through an unbroken area. And don’t forget one of the best winter exercises of all: shoveling. It’s almost as good as doing crunches. Experts have also estimated that cleaning off your snowy car burns about 100 calories.

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