Exclusive! Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo: "I Turned Down Playboy Four Times"

The former Bevery Hills, 90210 actress dishes on returning to General Hospital, crushing on Jon Stewart and posing for Maxim.
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Exclusive! Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo: “I Turned Down Playboy Four Times”

The former Bevery Hills, 90210 actress dishes on returning to ‘General Hospital’, crushing on Jon Stewart and posing for Maxim.

-Brooke Sager

Vanessa Marcil

Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo is back in action!

Back in 1992, the gorgeous actress landed her leading role as Brenda Barrett on General Hospital. However, her busy schedule caused her to take a break from the Soap. After a six-year hiatus the daytime beauty missed the show too much. “Brenda is my favorite character [that I’ve ever played,]” Vanessa tells BettyConfidential.

We caught up with the three-time Daytime Emmy Award winner to see what’s she’s been up to these days.

What is difficult to leave General Hospital after six years?
Yes, it really was. It’s funny because I started on the show as a kid going to the prom. For my first job after I left, I did a Steven Spielberg movie called High Incident. It was so hard to leave [General Hospital] but I was trying to do it all at the same time. I kind of had to step away for a second. It’s been 18 years since I first started. I came back once for six months. They have been incredible about always leaving the window open for me to come and visit. I’m bicoastal but we always try to make it work when I can.

How has your character, Brenda Barrett, evolved since you’ve returned?
I don’t think she’s evolved much. But that’s what makes her interesting and fun to play.

How are you like her in real life?
Actually, I’m not like Brenda in any way. But that’s why it’s really fun to get into character and play her.

What’s it like hosting and judging on Lifetime’s Blush: The Search For The Next Great Makeup Artist?
That was a fun little thing. I had a friend who was involved with it, so as a favor I went to help out. Who I work with means the most to me. I like people who are grateful and funny. I like to have a good time at work.

You’ve had experience doing soap operas, movies and reality TV. What do you like best?
I grew up in theater. For me, it’s all about the characters I play. Nighttime shows can have about four pages of dialogue to read a day. But a daytime show can be up to 80 pages a day. I have a lot of respect for daytime actors.

You played Gina Kincaid in the original Beverly Hills, 90210. How do you feel about the modern remake, 90210?
I haven’t seen it, but I guess it’s pretty popular. My family and I spend most of our time when we’re not working on a farm upstate, and we don’t have a TV there.

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You had a role in the 1996 film The Rock. How was it working with Nicolas Cage?
Incredible. I’ve discovered that the bigger star, the more humble they are. Nicolas Cage is no exception.

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  1. wow. I used to watch that with my grandma when she was alive. I stoped after she passed. I miss watching that. But i would not turn down play boy. Well probably would. since im married with 4 kids. But i love the clothes line and the well everything i love. the clothes and assessriouses. OOOps i spelled that wrong. lol

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