Exclusive! Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Are Fighting Constantly!

Their long-distance relationship is getting rocky.

Exclusive! Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Are Fighting Constantly!

Their long-distance relationship is getting rocky.

-Jane Farrell

Jane Farrell

Kristen Stewart, who’s never been too friendly to the media, blew up at photographers in Australia because of her stressful relationship with Twilight costar Robert Pattinson, a source told BettyConfidential.

“Rob and Kristen’s relationship was going fine,” said the source. “But now that their movie careers have taken off in different directions and different countries. It’s taking a toll on their relationship. It’s not easy to be apart like that and maintain a close relationship. It’s strenuous.”

At one point, Kristen came out on her hotel balcony and gave photographers the finger.

Kristen Stewart

She was in Australia for a hectic promotional appearance with Taylor Lautner. Rob has been shooting a movie in London, and Kristen was clearly missing him.

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Says the source, “They only get to talk by phone, and nine out of ten times one of them is interrupted. It’s hard to have a full conversation. Issues get put off – even just small talk gets put off. They can never finish a conversation unless it’s the end of the day and even then they’re too tired to talk.”

“Their last conversation before Kristen headed to Australia was an argument, and she couldn’t get a hold of Rob when she landed in Sydney, so she’s left hanging again. And, when the paparazzi started harassing her and following her, she lost it. She’s never thrilled with the photographers taking her picture, but this time she was really in a bad mood.” Taylor took Kristen out for a jet boat ride on the Sydney Harbour to cool her down, which helped, says the source, But when she saw photographers waiting for her at the dock, she blew up again.”

Now, Rob’s back in the States—but Kristen is still traveling.

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0 thoughts on “Exclusive! Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Are Fighting Constantly!

  1. she’s just tired of paparazzis following her geting in her private life how would you like it if paparazzis followed you everwhere and you had no more privacy and everything you do,it comes up in the magazines the next day she’s just tired of paparazzis making money off of her.

  2. She doesn’t really excite me in any way. I thing she’s very pretty in a non traditional sense. I have to totally empathize with the complete lack of privacy. I have never ever wanted fame for that reason alone. Every F-up, every mood swing absolutely everything that the rest of us can sleep off and call a bad day they have to read about in the papers. That would totally suck. And while you can say she knew what she was getting into. Did she really? I don’t think anyone can be prepared for that kind of invasion. On the other hand you have the fame whores. Tila Tequila, Speidi, Paris Hilton you know who they are and you have no respect for them whatsoever. Therefore, I will give props all day to Kristen for trying to guard what little privacy she has.

  3. No one would like having people follow you. But that comes with the territory. If your famous, you WILL have that! In my opinion. She needs to stop bitching and be grateful for what like has given her. She’s rich, famous and dating one of the hottest men in the world! I envy her! I’d give anything to be in her shoes and I would appreciate it more then she does. She must be forgetting that the people she is lashing out at, are the people that made her famous.. If it wasn’t for fans and paparazzi, she would not be famous because her movies wouldn’t have went anywhere. In my opinion, she’s not that great of an actress. She makes weird awkward sounds with her breathing. The only reason she is famous is because of Twilight, and who made that famous? Rob and Taylor. :)

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