Exclusive! Q&A with 'Mirror Mirror' Star Lily Collins

'Mirror Mirror' star Lily Collins dishes on working with Roberts, her rumored Snow White rivalry with Kristen Stewart, and why every girl has a little bit of a princess inside her.
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Exclusive! Q&A with ‘Mirror Mirror’ Star Lily Collins

‘Mirror Mirror’ star Lily Collins dishes on working with Roberts, her rumored Snow White rivalry with Kristen Stewart, and why every girl has a little bit of a princess inside her.

-Heather Taylor

Lily Collins in Mirror Mirror

As the daughter of rock star Phil Collins, it would be easy to imagine Lily Collins following in her dad’s musical footsteps. But in the film Mirror Mirror, out this Friday, it’s even easier to see Lily forging a path of her own as the fairest of them all. Having previously appeared alongside Taylor Lautner and Sandra Bullock in such films as Abduction and The Blind Side, the 23-year-old-year actress has traded in the modern-day blockbusters for the swashbuckling past in the latest retelling of the classic fairy tale. As a feisty sword swinger, this Snow White is no fainting violet—it’s she who wakes the prince (Armie Hammer) from the spell and not the other way around!

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Lily about Mirror Mirror and its star-studded cast, her supposed gossip mag-inspired “feud” with Kristen Stewart, and her favorite fairytales. Read on for more!

BettyConfidential: Give us a quick taste of what Mirror Mirror is about.

Lily Collins: It’s a modern retelling of the Snow White fairytale in a period setting. Snow White is a fighter in our version. She starts off as a princess but grows into a strong female character at the end, with the dwarves as her mentors teaching her about inner confidence and believing in herself.

BC: How did you feel when you first told you got the part of Snow White?

LC: I was completely over the moon. I truly thought it was an April Fool’s joke, though—I got the news on April Fool’s Day!

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BC: Mirror redefines Snow White as a much more modern version of the fairy tale princess we grew up with. How would you say she’s grown from the Disney version and what makes her relatable?

LC: She’s a real person and not a cartoon drawing of a character. This time around, Snow saves the prince from the spell—she kisses him. She’s a fighter and uses a sword to fight back. She’s pretty feisty! She’s not picture perfect, either. In the movie, my hair isn’t always in place like the traditional princess hair is supposed to be. It’s a small detail, but it really does make her much more relatable. Snow doesn’t rely on physical beauty for her growth, either—she never looks in the mirror once. And she’s also not afraid to make fun of herself, or to fail either, which real girls can relate to.

BC: You got to costar alongside Julia Roberts who plays an evil queen. What was it like to work with her?

LC: I felt so lucky to be working with her because Julia is fascinating to watch. She’s such a class act, and first and foremost, a mother on set with her children. Julia goes beyond just being an actress; she takes into consideration all of the details of the work on set and is very giving.

More from Lily, including what it was like to do all that sword fighting, up next!

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