Does Short Hair Give You Confidence?

Evan Rachel Wood, Emma Watson, Hayden Panettierre ... would you chop your locks off like these celebs?

Does Short Hair Give You Confidence?

Evan Rachel Wood, Emma Watson, Hayden Panettierre … would you chop your locks off like these celebs?

-Jackie Cascarano

Evan Rachel Wood short hair True Blood

Another star has joined the pixie posse! This time it is none other than Evan Rachel Wood, star of HBO’s True Blood. Evan chopped her long locks to debut a piecey, rocker chic pixie cut at the show’s premiere party in Los Angeles.

Evan Rachel Wood short hair True Blood

While all women know that pretty hair gives you confidence (a good hair day equals a good day, period) and we have no doubt that Evan is dripping with an uncommon self-assuredness, we began to wonder: do certain haircuts give you more confidence than others? With the pixie and bob craze at a fever pitch this summer, we figure a short ‘do must impart some sort of transformative self-esteem boost.

Emma Watson, who famously debuted a dramatic pixie cut after concluding the Harry Potter films, touched upon this very topic with UAE’s University Magazine recently, “With short hair, you’ve got to be a little bolder, there’s nothing to hide behind. So it made me bolder in my fashion choices.” She continued, “It’s actually made me more confident as a person I think. I’m not sure why that is. But it has.”

We’re fascinated by this but not one bit surprised. We at Lock & Mane have written extensively on the issue and on post-breakup haircuts in particular, which seem to convey the message “out with the old (read: evil boyfriend and boring long hairdo), in with the new (read: fabulous bob and hunky yet sensitive knight in shining armor).”

We’ve also investigated the various societal perceptions of uber long hair (hello Kardashians) as well as the stereotypes behind different shades (blondes are approachable, brunettes cold, redheads sensual). Different hairstyles have different meanings, both to you and to the rest of the world.

We reached out to both friends and celebs who have taken the short hair plunge.

Hayden Panettiere hair
Hayden in June 2011; Hayden last Feb, 2011

Hayden Panettiere told Lock & Mane that while she loved the spontaneity behind a short style, sometimes she missed the longer ‘do: “As a female you have those days when you’re not feeling so good and if you have a good head of hair you can hide behind it.” She was wearing shoulder length hair extensions at the time of the interview.

Our dear friend Piper Weiss, author of My Mom the Style Icon and Yahoo Shine editrix, recently cut off all of her hair (after years with impossible long and crazy curls) and told us that her confidence in the look ebbs and flows.

“I got through waves of confidence with my hair. Sometimes I convince myself I’m totally punk rock or gamine and sometimes, especially when it’s humid out, I look more like Sophia from the Golden Girls,” Piper told us. “It comes with the territory, but it’s worth it for the larger lesson at hand: don’t take your hair so seriously. It’s yours. Do whatever you want with it!”

Tell us: Do you have short hair? Would you ever go for it?

Jackie CascaranoJackie Cascarano is the Founder and Creative Director of Lock & Mane, the fastest growing luxury beauty retailer on the web. Featuring a carefully curated selection of hair products and luxe accessories along with a fun and informative style blog, Lock & Mane is the ultimate destination for luxury hair care online.

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0 thoughts on “Does Short Hair Give You Confidence?

  1. MOG says:

    Always had short hair, the guys love it and so do I. But I doubt that short hair, or long hair for that matter, gives you self confidence.

  2. RachaiaSky says:

    I have short hair and I LOVE it.

  3. hofken says:

    I agree that short hair makes a big statement. It makes your face the focus of attention.

  4. job says:

    I’ve had short and long hair and neither has anything to do with your self confidence. But I do find more men like longer hair on women and men do think of short hair as associated with lesbians…..mean but true.

  5. sidneyanne says:

    I was trying to grow my hair out, but the longer it got, the more weird waves it got. SO I had it cut back off last week. It’s so much easier. I don’t know why I ever thought I’d want it any other way!

  6. alh2027 says:

    I have — and love — short hair. The shorter, the better. (Except for the one time I went a little too short and ended up looking like Simon Cowell for a few weeks. I’ve actually always wanted to just shave all my hair off, but that incident proved it would not look as cool on me as it does on some other women.)

    As for self-confidence, I do feel more confident with short hair. It doesn’t really have anything to do with how it looks so much as how it makes me feel. I feel happier when I don’t have to worry about keeping stray hairs out of my face, getting my wavy-when-longer hair to do what I want it to do, etc. And when I’m happier, I’m more confident. Of course there are days when I have a blemish I wish I could hide behind long bangs or whatever, but then again, my hair is naturally oily so it would just make the blemish worse.

    Two other things I want to point out: a lot of women think you have to be a skinny supermodel or have perfect facial features to pull off very short hair, and you don’t. I delayed chopping my hair off for years because I was worried about this, but when I finally took the dive, I realized I actually looked better! Despite my roundish face and my weak chin and my huge forehead, I got more compliments on my hair (from males and females) once I went pixie-short than I ever did at any other length.

    Which leads into my last point: the generalization that guys only like long hair on women? Not always true. I get more male attention, more flirting, more being asked for my number or a date, etc., when I have short hair. And I was actually skinnier and more concerned about my appearance (wore nicer clothes, spent more time and money on skin/hair/beauty stuff) AND I was healthier and more interested in dating/socializing when I had longer hair. There will always be guys who make assumptions or want the traditional long, perfect luxurious girly hair. But if their beliefs/desires don’t match up with who I am, then it’s their loss, not mine. (And by the way, I’ve only ever been “accused” of being a lesbian due to my short hair once. I was wearing men’s pants at the time, and the guy making the assumption was gay himself, and also, I AM bisexual so he wasn’t entirely off-base. He was angry at me for some ridiculously petty reason, and so I think he was trying to insult me by calling me a lesbian, but unfortunately for him, I consider that more of a compliment if anything. I admire women — of any sexuality — who don’t feel the need to adhere to stereotypical gender norms for the sake of fitting in or attracting male attention or whatever. So the moral of the story: if you want long hair because you like long hair, then keep your hair long. If you want short hair because you like short hair, then go for it and cut your hair short. If you make your hair decisions based on what other people will think of it, then take a step back and consider why other people’s opinions mean more to you than your own preferences. It’s YOUR hair, not your boyfriend/potential future boyfriend’s. Unless your career requires you to have a certain length/style of hair, then chances are you need to work on your self-esteem a little more before you work on your hair.)

  7. festivelady826 says:

    At age 56, I have had short hair for most of my life. Several times I let it grow and I hated all the maintenance. The guys definitely like long hair, but I have large brown eyes, oval face and naturally blonde hair(highlighted now to match the platinum strands in it!).
    I used to swim every day and it is just so much easier to maintain! I also have driven convertibles for the last 10 years and LOVE my hair, as you can’t mess it up!
    I have ALWAYS had confidence, so I don’t know if it’s the hair or not. I know that the few times I let it grow long and then got it all chopped off, I found myself wearing my statement earrings/necklaces and spent a minute or two extra on my makeup and clothing choices.
    Short hair is ME. I’m not trying to impress any men (single for 15 years), so I don’t really care if they prefer long hair. My hairstyle expresses my eclectic way of dressing and suits my personality better.

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