Do You Believe in Magic?

Is it better to teach reality to our children? Or is there room for magic in the world?
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Do You Believe in Magic?

… in a young girl’s heart. Is it better to teach reality to our children? Or is there room for magic in the world?

-April Daniels Hussar


The other day, my daughter and her friend sat at my kitchen table eating lunch. Two little 6-year-olds, sunbrowned and messy, fueling up for a long afternoon of dress-up, followed by a trip to the town pool. I was there, but barely. After setting out their lunch (and I might add, squeezing the lemons for their lemonade – can I get some kind of gold star?), I went back to my laptop, which I am pretty sure my daughter thinks is her sibling and main rival for attention. I was tap tap tapping away when a piece of their chatter caught my attention.

“What’s that, Olivia,” I asked my daughter’s friend. “What about fairies and the full moon?”

She regarded me solemnly.

“They come out at the full moon.”

“Oh really?” I smiled. “I didn’t know that!”

My daughter, Isabella, offered, “Yes, she knows because she left them a present and they left HER one.”

Aha. “You mean like the tooth fairy?” I asked, hopefully.

No, apparently not like the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy comes for teeth (I picture her with a knife in her boot and a thick money clip, Tony Soprano style), but regular fairies, it seems, come to Olivia’s house oh just ANY OLD TIME. And LEAVE PRESENTS.

Uh oh.

Houston, we have a problem. Later that day, I grilled my friend, Olivia’s mom. Yes, it was true … Olivia, being a very bright and enterprising little girl, figured if she placed a tooth in her tooth fairy pillow and received a gift of money, why not try it out another night? After all, teeth only fall out every so often. They’re hard to rush. And, it seems, Olivia’s daddy, a fun-loving and energetic daddy, seeing as how it was near the full moon, made a quick call to some local fairies and … poof! A whole new level of middle-of-the-night fairying was invented.

Did he not understand the repercussions of his actions?

As I regarded the gleam in my little girl’s eye, I did.

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0 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Magic?

  1. I think kids should believe in magic while they still can. I babysat a boy who loved his binky and when it became grotty and he was too old his mom told him th ebinky fairy took it away in the middle of the night and left not one, but THREE presents. And he didn’t freak out. So, it can work to parents’ advantage.

  2. Oh APril, this is beautiful! I say let them believe in magic as long as they can. They eventually figure it out, but why not have the fun while they are still little! (My own second grader is doubting everything nowadays, thanks to the big siblings!) Beautiful picture of the girls!

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