Do Men Like Short Haircuts on Women?

The bob and the pixie may be chic, but what do guys think about short hair on us? And ... do we care?

Do Men Like Short Haircuts on Women?

The bob and the pixie may be chic, but what do guys think about short hair on us? And … do we care?

 -Jackie Cascarano,

Hayden Panettiere

We at Lock & Mane  are loving the pixie and bob mania sweeping Hollywood these days—short, sassy styles are all the rage. Celebs like Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, and Kate Winslet are gracing the covers of magazines every month. Beauty experts and bloggers can’t get enough of these gorgeous short styles. But consider that these crop-crazy media outlets are predominantly run by ladies. What do men think of the super short looks?

Kate Winslet VOGUE

Over the weekend a few of us at Lock & Mane saw Scream 4, featuring pint-sized cutie Hayden Panettiere and her sexy blonde pixie cut. All of the girls were swooning over her ‘do. But our husbands and boyfriends called the look “boyish” and definitively “un-sexy.” Ouch. There seems to be a major gender divide when it comes to short locks. We reached out to several red-blooded American dudes for their take on the short hair mania:

Jared Goldman, a 35 year old hedge fund analyst, tells us that long hair is more appealing on women: “Short hair isn’t a turn-off per se, but it can be a bit boyish.”

Peter Jellicki, a 25 year old bartender, is more blunt: “There is nothing sexy about a woman who has the same haircut I do.” He continues on his distaste for pixies, “I think it is cute for maybe two minutes because it is shocking and surprising to see a woman with such short hair…. But I’d feel like a pedophile making out with her.”

Classy, Peter.

Celebrity pixie cut
Jessica Stroup, Hayden Panettiere, Renée Zellweger, Michelle Williams go pixie!

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Cagney Reed, a 28 year old internet executive, tells Lock & Mane that “some girls can pull off very short hair and look great. It exudes confidence. But I think most guys prefer at least shoulder length hairstyles, since it’s just more feminine.”

So the ‘lob’, it is!

If you’re contemplating a super short cut, the dilemma is as follows: you would be at the height of fashion, your stunning hairdo on the cover of countless magazines, but… simultaneously repelling eligible bachelors? Would that affect your decision to go short, ladies?

Does it matter to you if your husband or boyfriend doesn’t love your haircut?

Also, our market research is inherently limited. Men of the world, if you like short hair, speak up!

jackie cascaranoJackie Cascarano is the Founder and Creative Director of Lock & Mane, the fastest growing luxury beauty retailer on the web. Featuring a carefully curated selection of hair products and luxe accessories along with a fun and informative style blog, Lock & Mane is the ultimate destination for luxury hair care online.

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6 thoughts on “Do Men Like Short Haircuts on Women?

  1. sidneyanne says:

    My dad always liked short hair better. I wore mine long as a child and when I finally cut if off once, he raved about how much better it looked.

    My BF likes shorter hair. I saw a newscaster with beautiful long hair and commented on how pretty I thought it was. He said, “Why would you want all that mess on your head?” Luckily, my chin length bob suits him fine.

  2. Talon says:

    I cut my hair off seven years ago and my husband is still a moron about it. Tough. I had REALLY long hair for 20 years. If he wants long hair, HE can grow it and maintain it.

    Everyone but him acknowledges that I rock it.

  3. twayned says:

    I like short hair on most females .

  4. jlkeene says:

    Longer hair works well on some to emphasize or de-emphasize certain attributes. My preference is for short hair, sometimes the shorter the better. True beauty does not need to be emphasized or weak points hidden, the beauty stands and glows on its own. Too often one who does not feel beautiful will attempt to feel this way through their hairstyle, when a simple revealing of their true beauty with short hair can often surprise many, even themsleves.

    If you feel the need for long hair than so be it, but if you are proud of all of your beauty – short is the way to go.

  5. Kley-Kley says:

    Now I know why I don't have a boyfriend! :-( …still, I want to keep my short hair…short :-)

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