Did Kim Kardashian Copy Alexis Bittar's Jewelry?

Is Kim Kardashian a designer or an alleged copycat?

Did Kim Kardashian Copy Alexis Bittar’s Jewelry?

Is Kim Kardashian a designer or an alleged copycat?

-Diana Denza

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Could be that Kim Kardashian’s new piece for her Belle Noel jewelry line might have been a bit too inspired by famed jewelry designer Alexis Bittar’s previous pieces. And it seems that Bittar isn’t all too happy about her new kollection. He told the NY Post“In the reality TV world, there are so many people coming out with lines to capitalize on their TV shows. They are not designers and they are just stealing. I passed the Dash pop-up store on Broadway, and I saw that Kim’s pieces were very similar to mine, and she definitely has been taking note. The tricky thing is that we have sent pieces to Kim in the past to wear, so now I have told my staff we cannot send anything to her. She was definitely influenced by my designs without a doubt.”

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Kim’s rep said the whole deal was just coincidental Could Kim have been unconsciously creating an hommage to the chic designer or did she flat-out copy his stuff? Check out the photo below and tell us what you think. The necklace on the left is Alexis Bittar, the right is from Kim Kardashian’s Bell Noel line.

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BTW- this isn’t the first time the copy bug has hit the Kardashian’s. Seems they allegedly replicated a pricey solid color Botkier bag ($595, jildor.com) and gave it the Kardashian stamp by making their bag half animal print, half solid color for their Sears line of clothing and accessories.

botkier bag kardashians bag

Their bag is now off the Sears site.

Guess you’ve an alternative to Forever 21 now. Instead of shopping them for inexpensive trendy pieces, you can now shop Kardashian!

Tell us: Do you think the Kardashian sisters are designers in their own right, or are they just good at “borrowing” other people’s ideas?

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Did Kim Kardashian Copy Alexis Bittar's Jewelry?

  1. The bag does look to be an exact replica so I can see why Sears took it off their site. The necklaces are similar, but not enough to claim an outright copycat – Kim seems to have her own spin on it. I can see why the designer is not sending Kim freebie’s anymore, but that won’t stop his designs from influencing other designers. And no, the Kardashian’s aren’t designers themselves, but they do have designers working for them (and given the copying of that bag especially, the Kardashian’s obviously aren’t just rubber stamping designs but are actively involved in the process). In some ways I like the Kardashian sisters more for making an effort to be part of the design process (I still can’t stand them, but that redeems them in my eyes somewhat), but they don’t really show much vision of their own. Kim was a stylist and I think that’s where her talents lie, finding clothes to fit personality as well as figure flatter.

  2. The necklace is different enough to say she didn’t copy it and besides when a certain style is in fashion, some things will have a certain look that can be the same.
    The purse, however, is a major copy. I can’t stand the Kardashians and if it weren’t for the fact that they grew up very priviledged, they would not be designers, they would not have a reality TV show that everyone is sick of, etc. They are cute girls but cute girls are a dime a dozen. Actually their main talent is that they have marketed themselves really well. Other than that and being able to dress nice like all the other Hollywood media whores, they have no talent.

  3. I think that the necklaces are similar but not so much that I would say she copied him! I would think that they are subconsciously designing products that have influenced them.

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