Introducing CINEQUEST 21 Film Festival

BettyConfidential is proud to be a sponsor of the CINEQUEST 21 Film Festival. Plus: Enter to win a Betty Beauty Swag Bag!

Introducing CINEQUEST 21: A Film Festival Fostering Discovery, Innovation and Connection

BettyConfidential is proud to be a sponsor of the CINEQUEST 21 Film Festival.
Plus: Enter to win a Betty Beauty Swag Bag!



Hey Bettys! We’re so excited to be partnering with Cinequest 21 to bring you some great articles around the theme of Movie Mavericks – check back here from now through March 20th as we update with new content!

Plus – Enter below to WIN a Betty Beauty Swag Bag!


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5 SEXIEST Movie Maverick Scenes

From Kanye West to Anne Klein: Top 5 Mavericks of Pop Culture

The CINEQUEST brand was built around the “Maverick” spirit, and for over 21 years has remained true to this core ideology as it quietly grew to become the entertainment industry’s answer to emerging technologies and accelerated creative ideas that outpace the industry itself.

Lead by Co-Founders Halfdan Hussey and Kathleen Powell, the Silicon Valley based film institute produces the Cinequest Film Festival and runs Cinequest Distribution, Cinequest Mentoring & Education and its own brand new independent production and distribution arm – Cinequest Mavericks Studio, LLC.

Operated by a powerful combination of film producers and Silicon Valley leaders, CINEQUEST holds a very unique position in the global film community, providing a multi-faceted, fully integrated production, discovery and distribution system designed to give access and a voice to visionaries, sparking creativity and genius. With an uncompromising commitment to live at the forefront of emerging technology and creative innovation, CINEQUEST pushes boundaries and enables independent filmed entertainment to flourish, by empowering the Maverick.

Enter below to WIN a Betty Beauty Swag Bag!

Fast Facts:

· CINEQUEST launched Cinequest Mavericks Studio, LLC in 2010 to produce a slate of independent feature films. Cinequest Mavericks Studio (CMS) uniquely funds and operates the creative endeavors associated with the development, packaging, production and distribution of filmed entertainment for global audiences.

· CINEQUEST is the first film institute to provide a comprehensive U.S. distribution solution for independent film – encompassing DVD, Internet, TV, and select theatrical releases. To date, more than five million people have watched CINEQUEST distributed films online or on DVD.

· CINEQUEST is the first independent distributor to engage in direct Internet-to-TV distribution.

· CINEQUEST is the first organization in the world to enable DVD/HD-quality online downloads of feature films.

· CINEQUEST created Picture the Possibilities (PTP) to empower youth with the tools, mentors and training needed to turn their stories into film. The program provides powerful channels of communication across global communities, to provoke conversation and understanding through film and help drive change.

The Cinequest Film Festival is a celebration of the creativity and innovation supported by CINEQUEST throughout the year. Fast becoming the film industry’s newest “must-attend” event, each spring the Cinequest Film Festival’s inviting and lively atmosphere attracts an impressive array of actors, directors, filmmakers and film lovers who are collectively empowered to discover the next generation of talented superstars.

The Cinequest Film Festival will take place from March 1st – 13th in 2011.


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42 thoughts on “Introducing CINEQUEST 21 Film Festival

  1. ggreatm9 says:

    Katherine Hepburn would be my fav from this list. #11 would be Barbra Streisand.

  2. KelR1 says:

    Facebook first name: Kelli
    Favourite movie maverick: Robert De Niro! Taxi Driver is one of my favourite films, and he is absolutely brilliant in it!

  3. meonha26 says:

    Does like fb sorry.
    Favourite movie maverick: Robert De Niro

  4. dreapuff says:

    FB first name: Andrea
    My favorite movie maverick would have to be Johnny Depp!

  5. cindychampion12 says:

    FB: Cindy
    Maverick: Brad Pitt. Not only is he a very good actor but very, very gorgeous! I’m so jealous of angelina! :)

  6. tkkerr says:

    FB First Name: Theresa

    Favorite movie maverick is Natalie Portman! Loved her in BlackSwan and V for Vendetta!

  7. mckellyz says:


    Favorite movie maverick the McManus brothers from the Boondock Saints.

  8. silitalia says:



  9. kagate says:

    FB name is Kathy
    I enjoy Natalie Portman as a maverick!

  10. atticeyewear says:

    FB Name Atticeye Wear…Fav maverick is definitely Bette Davis…

  11. fearless says:

    my name is kathy favorite movie is grace kelly

  12. cmarble says:

    FB name cmarble
    Favorite movie maverick – brett maverick

  13. jb1ab2 says:

    fb name is Angela Barnes my top maverick is Johnny Depp

  14. carolynishis says:

    FB name is Carolyn B.Fav maverick is Fred McMurray

  15. diego says:

    My FB name is Debbie

    My Favorite maverick is Angelina Jolie

  16. danyelz24 says:

    fb first name Dora
    hmmm Kathrine Hepburn, Johnny Depp

  17. 2rose4u says:

    FB Name Diana Flores….Fav maverick is definitely Al Pacino

  18. NaptownCutie says:

    My facebook first name is Camille. My favorite maverick is Charles Bronson.

  19. sabrita says:

    I like you on facebook. My facebook name is Sally. Hard to chose just one favorite movie maverick. I admire Ida Lapino who not only was a very talented actress, she also was one of the first women to become a successful movie director in Hollywood in what was a male dominated industry.

  20. j868jenn says:

    FB Name Jen N R

    Fav movie maverick – is Chris Parker played by Elizabeth Shue in Adventures in Babysitting

  21. sheilahlowe says:

    FB Name is Sheilah

    My maverick would be Katherine Hepburn!!

  22. fearless says:

    kathy is name on facebook and john wayne is maverick

  23. truwinner says:

    FB name is Ann Heilman …maverick would Clint Eastwood :0)

  24. truwinner says:

    FB name is Ann Heilman …maverick would Clint Eastwood :0)

  25. VectoringMomma says:

    I already like you on Facebook- Toni
    My favorite maverick would have to be Johnny Depp, amazing actor and always chooses interesting roles!

  26. Bea says:

    Hi BettyConfidential, I’m also Betty in FB. I have two all time favorites..#1 in Robert Redford in “The Way We Were” omg I cry in this movie..and #2 is Leonardo DiCaprio in “Titantic”..such a beautiful love story too. I guess I’m a romantic. I would luv to win this swag bag..could use the skin care help!

  27. gibsmom says:

    fb name: Cheryl V

  28. gibsmom says:

    Like Betty on fb.
    My favorite movie maverick would have to be Katherine Hepburn. She really played all different parts.

  29. donnagwiz says:

    Donna Brown Gwizdowski
    all-time favorite movie is maverick!

  30. TheSunshyn says:

    facebook id: SunshynV
    favorite movie maverick: Bette Davis

  31. teddie says:

    FB name: Trez

    My favorite movie maverick is Jeff Bridges as “The Dude” in the Big Lebowski.

  32. fearless says:

    fb name is kathy
    favorite maverick is Johnny Depp

  33. pogmathoin says:

    FB name Kathleen my favorite movie maverick is the character of Izzy from Fried Green Tomatoes. Talk about someone who did things her way!

  34. hofken says:

    I Like you on Facebook – Cynthia M Richardson
    My all-time favorite movie maverick is Anglina Jolie
    I follow you on twitter @hofken

  35. hofken says:

    I Like you on Facebook – Cynthia M Richardson
    My all-time favorite movie maverick is Anglina Jolie
    I follow you on twitter @hofken

  36. hofken says:

    I Like you on Facebook – Cynthia M Richardson
    My all-time favorite movie maverick is Anglina Jolie
    I follow you on twitter @hofken

  37. fearless says:

    my fb name is kathy -john wayne as a maverick

  38. lydia66 says:

    I follow you on FB – Lydia A. My fave is Al Pacino (especially in Scarface)!

  39. lydia66 says:

    I follow you on Twitter – @princessla66.

  40. lydia66 says:

    I commented on Love This: 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils 15 Year Anniversary Collection.

  41. lydia66 says:

    I commented on Sky High: 10 Best Platforms for Spring.

  42. lydia66 says:

    I commented on 10 Items to Spring-ify Your Wardrobe.

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