Celebs Are Dumping Basic Blonde for Ravishing Red Hair

Hollywood's starlets are dying their tresses so many shades of red, including pale strawberry blonde and deep
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Celebs Are Dumping Basic Blonde for Ravishing Red Hair

Hollywood’s starlets are dying their tresses so many shades of red, including pale strawberry blonde and deep auburn.

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Blake Lively, Mandy Moore, Emma Stone, Whitney Port and Drew Barrymore are just a few of the A-listers who have gone red in a big way this summer. Is a blonde starlet a thing of the past?

We asked master colorist; Kelly Van Gogh  why red is the rage. Kelly said, “Celebs choose red because the right shade of red is a great alternative to bland blonde or brown hair. Red has such a range, that it can look good on almost anyone if the right tone and level is chosen. It is one of the hottest trends for summer, along with a very warm glistening gold, both of which compliment sun kissed skin.”

Kelly continues, “If you are brown and bored, red is an even better option, because brown hair has the anchoring contributing pigment that is needed to ‘hold’ the red in your hair. If you’re blonde and decide to go red, choose a lighter shade of red at first, because you are going to have to reapply it a couple of times to get it to hold. As the color starts to hold, it will look richer and deeper on its own.”

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If you’re thinking about switching it up, color-wise, there are a few basics on how to find a complementary tint. Krista Beahm, colorist at the Patrick McIvor Color Studio,  says to remember this rule of thumb for going any color, including red, “Natural cool tones look best with cool hair color, and natural warm tones look best with warm hair color. How to tell if you’re a cool or warm? If you tan easily, your veins tend to be a bluish green, and if you have golden flecks in your eyes, you should use warm tones. If you burn quickly, your veins tend to be a bluish purple, and you have grayish flecks in your eyes, choose cool toned shades.”

As a professional, Breahm explains, “Colorists are trained to choose a hair color that matches a client’s natural skin tones. It’s a process that yields complimentary hair color results–hair color that makes eyes shine and skin glow. Choosing the wrong tone can result in skin and eyes looking washed out and tired. So, when choosing DIY color, or consulting with your stylist, it’s important to take tone into consideration. I advise looking at childhood photos, if someone had warm tones in their hair as a child, go warm now–cool tones, then go cool.”

If you want your hair to match Blake Lively’s, L’Oreal Paris Consulting Hair Expert, Johnny Lavoy recommends using, “…a dimensional color like L’Oreal Paris Feria 74 Copper Shimmer.”

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L’Oreal Paris Feria 74 Copper Shimmer ($7.99, stockngo.com)

If you want to have a darker red like Emma Stone’s, you might want to try Kelly Van Gogh Master Blend in 5R ($29.95, trykellyvangogh.com/red). Kelly’s at home color system has caviar oil repairing base. The kit comes with color, applicator, reusable gloves, color protecting shampoo and color protecting conditioner.

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Looking for a lighter red like Whitney’s, then try Kelly Van Gogh Master Blend in 4RO ($29.95, trykellyvangogh.com/red).

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