Celebrity Sightings: Condoleezza Rice to Paris Hilton

Imagine getting called to jury duty with Condi!

Gossip Betty

Celebrity Sightings: Condoleezza Rice to Paris Hilton

Imagine getting called to jury duty with Condi!

-Kelly Will

artimg05750.jpg.Condoleezza Rice called for jury duty in Palo Alto, CA!  Dressed in a black plant suit, looking timeless and classic. She was surrounded by Secret Service and kept a low profile.  When her name came up in the holding room, people were surprised, and commented, “Yeah right, like Condi Rice is really here.”  Once people realized it really was her, they walked up to get autographs and take photos.  Condi looked VERY relaxed, and signed autographs after she was released.  Does this mean Condi is a California girl now?

Paris Hilton and boyfriend of three weeks, Doug Reinhardt, had a bowling date at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in Hollywood last week – they drank sodas and she bowled a sad 58 while Doug topped the scoreboard with a 106. 

Back in New York, Oscar winning actress, Jennifer Connolly and her husband, Paul Bettany, took their son, Stellan, 5, to Bowlmor Lanes for his classmate’s birthday party.

Denise Richards picked up a new spring wardrobe when she stopped by Owl’s Lab boutique on East 12th street in New York between press appointments for Dancing with the Stars. 

Craig Ferguson “looked like an exhibit” when he was caught sipping coffee in the window of a 6th Avenue Starbucks in NYC. 

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0 thoughts on “Celebrity Sightings: Condoleezza Rice to Paris Hilton

  1. CAMUS890 says:

    Does anyone care what Condie is up to?

  2. jessicarichelle says:

    LOL about craig Ferguson

  3. alterego says:

    I bet Condi’s more relaxed these days now that she doesn’t have to deal with GW anymore!

  4. Carolyn88 says:

    LOL of course Paris bowled a 58, the woman can barely speak properly. :P

  5. K S says:

    “Does this mean Condi is a California girl now?”

    Well, yeah–she must be a resident of the county that sent her the jury summons. I’m surprised that she has Secret Service agents protecting her, though.

  6. loubell says:

    Well since the rest of America has to do jury duty, so does Condie. And who wears a suit to Jury Duty?

  7. RELLY says:

    Who cares what Paris Hilton does? She’s a poser!@

  8. LISHY says:

    Denise Richards, another poser with a stale career!

  9. SNOOKY61 says:

    Does anyone care where Jennifer Connolly takes her kid to bowl? Lame.

  10. LUGGY says:

    Paris Hilton? A useless wannabe celebrity!

  11. bryony1 says:

    Condi approved torture. That’s all I need to know about her.

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