Celeb Real Estate: Own Britney Spears' Wacky Mansion

You heard me: Britney Spears' house is for sale. Who wants it?

Celeb Real Estate: Own Britney Spears’ Wacky Mansion

You heard me: Britney Spears’ house is for sale. Who wants it?

-Lucia Peters

Britney Spears

 In complete contrast to yesterday’s classy red brick home owned by Judy Garland, today we bring you this: The massive, lavish mansion of none other than Britney Spears. And hey, guess what? According to TooFab, it’s for sale, of course!

That’s right: Now that Brit Brit is engaged, she’s moving out of her Tudor-style estate in the Hidden Hills suburb of L.A. According the house’s (if you can really call it something as simple as a house…) listing, it’s situated on over three acres of land and covers a whopping 19,000 square feet. There are seven bedrooms, eight baths, a pool with a grotto and surrounding rose gardens, a guest house, two staff apartments, a ballroom, a poker room, a bar, an arcade, a fully-equipped gym, a sunken tennis court, and a private lake.

That’s right: An entire lake that belongs only to the house.


Take a look-see. Here’s the exterior:

Britney exterior

The living room:

Britney living room

The arcade (I bet Jayden and Sean loved this):

Britney arcade

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A rather pink bedroom:

Britney bedroom

Some sort of open living space:

Britney open space

And the pool:

Britney pool

Is it just me, or does this one feel kind of like a hunting lodge at times? And is that weird when you consider that Britney’s the one who’s been living in it? Britney the Pop Princess? Britney of the blinged-out, barely there bodysuit? Ah well; Britney is well-known for her incongruity, so do with that what you will.

Naturally, if you want to own the house, you’ll need a pretty impressive amount of readily available cash—$9,995,000, to be precise. Apparently this is an “unbelievable price” (or so the listing would have us believe), but given that $9,995,000 is a sum I can barely comprehend, maybe it’s only an unbelievable price for a certain demographic.

Tell us: Would you buy Britney’s mansion if you could?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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