Celeb Real Estate: Buy Celine Dion's Own Private Island. Castle Included!

No joke: Celine Dion has her own private island, it's got a castle on it, and she's selling it. Pics inside!

Celeb Real Estate: Buy Celine Dion’s Own Private Island. Castle Included!

No joke: Celine Dion has her own private island, it’s got a castle on it, and she’s selling it. Pics inside!

-Lucia Peters

Celine Dion

We’re not sure what’s more intriguing about the above statement: That you can now own Celine Dion’s own private island, or the fact that she even has her own private island in the first place. She would, wouldn’t she?

Anyway, as you may have guessed, the songstress has just put her private island estate fifteen minutes off the coast of Montreal up for sale. According to TooFab, it’s accessible only by helicopter or gated bridge—which means it’s probably an excellent place to hole up in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Just sayin’.

Celine Dion house exterior

The estate’s listing describes the home as a 24,000 square foot “magnificent stone mansion” that was custom built by Celine and her family in 2001. What this really means is that it looks like a freaking castle. The private island it sits on measures over 830,000 square feet. And boy, does the house itself come with some bells and whistles! The main floor features a formal living room, a dining room that seats eighteen (just, y’know, for those times when you fly in all those people for those wacky weekend retreats of yours), a custom kitchen, a paneled library and family room with custom fireplaces, and informal dining room, a sun room and an office.

Celine Dion house formal living room

Celine Dion house dining room

Celine Dion house kitchen

Celine Dion house sun room

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But that’s not all! The second level is accessible by a “majestic winding staircase” and houses the master bedroom suite and the children’s suite. A guest bedroom and a home gym make up the house’s third story, and way down below on the lower level of the house, there’s a games room as well as a wine cellar with its own tasting room.

Celine Dion house staircase

Celine Dion house master suite

Celine Dion house bathroom

Celine Dion house games room

The exterior ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at, either. Stone terraces look out over water views and a beautiful forested environment, and you can swim your cares away in the massive in-ground pool. Did we mention that the pool house has its own kitchen and built-in grill? Hello, pool party!

Celine Dion house exterior 2

Oh, and just in case you’re worried about being able to find enough furniture to fill the place, it comes fully furnished. Problem solved.

Want it? It’ll cost you: The asking price is a whopping $29.5 million. Then again, maybe that’s not such a ridiculous price for your very own castle on your very own private island. In any event, here’s the listing; if you’ve got the cash on hand, we say go forth! We only ask that if the zombies do actually attack sometime in the near future, we be allowed to come join you. We promise to keep you entertained throughout the undead siege!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfindential’s associate editor.

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    THAT much for basically a 3 bedroom house. It may have all the bells and whistles but is lacking in the basics.

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