Brad Pitt Gives Jennifer Aniston Advice?

Good thing Angelina Jolie seems like the most secure person on earth!
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Brad Pitt Gives Jennifer Aniston Advice?

Good thing Angelina Jolie seems like the most secure person on earth!

-JoAnna Zulli

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

Awwwww. Remember the good old days when these two kiddies were happily married? Seems like a lifetime ago. However, they are finally back together—at least professionally.

Brad Pitt has been giving Jennifer Aniston career advice. “She wants a change. She doesn’t want to be labeled just as a romantic comedy actress, so she called Brad for help,” a source tells BettyConfidential.

“Brad has been reading scripts for her trying to find the right films for her to branch out into. She trusts him. He has a knack for this stuff,” the source adds. She also trusted him when he set off to start filming a little film called Mr. and Mrs. Smith alongside Angelina Jolie, but hey.

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“It was his idea to for her to go after Horrible Bosses because the character she’ll play is different than any character she’s played before.  Although, the film is still a comedy, it’s a sex comedy,” our source continues. Aniston plays a sex-obsessed orthodontist. “There are scenes in the movie where Jen will shock the audience. They’re not used to seeing her in this type of a role, but it’s still a comedy, which is her forte.”

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0 thoughts on “Brad Pitt Gives Jennifer Aniston Advice?

  1. i wouldn’t talk or ever want to see my ex-husband nor would i listen to him and i think she should get together wih someone else because who knows he might cheat again and she needs to marry someone she’ll love forever and not want another divorce.

  2. Why can’t this be about Jen’s career and not her love life? Women do manage to have careers and keep former personal relationships professional…

  3. I find this whole Brad obsession thing with Jen very strange. In the time since they split ( only they know the real reason why. It’s none of my biz and I could care less) he has had three beautiful children of his own as well as adopted three others, and he clearly loves them. Brad has also become involved with many wonderful humanitarian projects (helping to rebuild the 9th ward in New Orleans is one) and organizations and has donated millions of his own dollars ( as has Angie) to help those in dire need.
    Jen, on the other hand, has been involved in relationships that were almost doomed from the start and is always plastered across magazine covers half or totally nude, trying to promote herself and her career.

  4. lt’s not easy for Jen to get back with Brad.
    lt can start off professionally why not. Both of them love each other before. Brad was seduced by Angie and Jen just gave him away to her. Search your soul Brad…. if you sincerely think Jen is a better life partner remarry her and have kids with Jen. Brad may have kids with Angie but does not mean she’ll be his life partner. Put more effort Jen to get Brad back to your life. You deserve it. For Angie… what goes round comes round… you stole someone else’s husband, now time to let go…

  5. I agree 100% with tilsunrise2003. what a loser jen is and hard-up, as well. Focus on that pitiful career you have, jen. you’ll never be a quarter of the woman Angie is!!!

  6. Bull Pucky,He has nothing to do with Jen because it is not allowed by Jolie.They are too busy raising their kids and making money and Jen does not need advise from him.She does well all by herself!!Who ever believes this tripe is stupid.It does nt even make sense…….

  7. Getting advice from the man that cheated on you (and so publicly)not a good idea. Not too mention this is a person that has multiple children and is yet still uncommited to the mother of those children. This same father and mother that uses children and charity *work* to TRY to make her/himself look like a wholesome good person. Yet all the while making movies of extrmely violence.

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