Blogger Round Up How Do You Get Ready for Fashion Week

Betty's BFFs dish on how they gear up for a week of fashion shows, parties and more!
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Blogger Round Up: How Do You Get Ready for Fashion Week?

Betty’s BFFs dish on how they gear up for a week of fashion shows, parties and more!

-PJ Gach

Diane von Furstenberg

To some people Fashion Week is bliss: the shows- like Diane Von Furstenberg’s, the celebs, the freebies, the parties and the networking. To others it’s a frightening mass of logistics- where do you go, what shows can you miss and gawd forbid you miss a deadline. Did we mention that you have to look fabulous in four-inch heels while sprinting down a street and tweeting? We asked our favorite bloggers how they prep for this grueling week of fashion, fashion, and more fashion!

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Nadine Jolie– Founder and Editor In Chief –

Nadine Jolie

Fashion week is stressful if you try to keep up with the Jones (or the Wintours, as it were), so I normally just wear all black and hope to blend in. This go ‘round, however, I’m trying to drop 5 extra pounds—damn you 30something metabolism!—so I’m using Sensa Weight Loss System tastants to help me slim the healthy way.

Bryce Gruber –  Editor –

Bryce Gruber

Fashion Week drains all my physical resources, so I try to get as much rest as possible the week before, get a massage, and spend as much downtime as possible before the mayhem begins!

Rachel Adler– Beauty Editor-

Rachel Adler

Due to my slight OCD tendencies my office has nominated me as the official Fashion Week Schedule Organizer. So, I’m completely occupied with sorting out everyone else’s schedule’s and seating, but make time for a bit of pre-fashion week shopping. This way by the time the week hits, I have cute clothes and good parties to get me through.

Jennifer Wright–  Deputy Editor – The Gloss

Jennifer Wright

I plan my outfits ahead of time.


Alexis Wolfer- Founder and Editor In ChiefThe Beauty

Alexis Wolfer

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  1. Wow! These bloggers put into almost as much work preparing to attend fashion week as the designers do on the lines their debuting at fashion week. Still, I’d love to go.

  2. Oh….what celebrity was it that said, “I wish they had a big sign to pin on saying, “I’m not in the running?”
    All eyes are everywhere and what glitz and glamour it must be!

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