Biggest A-Holes of the Decade

From Mel Gibson to Bernie Madoff to Chris Brown-how's a gal to choose which fella is the worst? We did it for you!
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Biggest A-Holes of the Decade

From Mel Gibson to Bernie Madoff to Chris Brown—how’s a gal to choose which fella is the worst? We did it for you!

-Carolyn French

John Mayer

We are all guilty of rifling through the latest tabloid whilst loading our weekly essentials onto the conveyor belt. C’mon, admit it: A little trip down Tacky Lane practically makes up for the mind-numbing deed that we call grocery shopping. Reading about the worst dressed, the broken marriages and the lonely singles never gets old.

Read 10 Reasons Why John Mayer Should Stop. Talking. Now.

Because we know that you derive enjoyment from these sordid little rundowns (just as we do), we have put together a list of the top tool-bags of the decade.

Ready to get your guilty on? Let’s go!

First up: Chris Brownand an a-hole gone wild

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0 thoughts on “Biggest A-Holes of the Decade

  1. Does seem a bit extreme to have John on here — but you know what? He does the deserve the title of A-hole. ANd the rest of these guys — perfect picks! Especially #1!

  2. These guys all deserve to be on the list, but some more than others. And I agree that John Mayer is a tactless jerk, but probably not the most deliberate asshole. My vote: a toss-up between Madoff and John Edwards. Madoff swindled countless people out of their life savings, which they can never recover. John Edwards – doesn’t get slimier than him, in my book. May the beautiful and gracious Elizabeth rest in peace.

  3. I would switch John Mayer with Spencer Pratt, who is not only a A-hole but a douche bag and I would switch Christian Bale would is just a moody bitchy whiner with Brad Pitt for cheating on Jennifer Anisten. C’mon Betty, did you forget about that one?

  4. #1 is John Edwards, or maybe it just seems that way since Elizabeth just passed away. I think Tiger should be at #1 or 2 as he just couldn’t keep it in his pants at all. I also agree with the comment (by lesliesm22) that Brad Pitt should be on the list for what he did to Jennifer Anisten. Good list.

  5. Tiger Woods has to be one of the top two
    a-holes. I said there was something “dark and a con job” about him a long long time ago. The only mystery left about his story is the sports press that had to have seen him with some of his sluts and said nothing. This is one of those “if it had been anybody else, they would have revealed him asap.” No way he’ll ever have as much blind idol worship from the fans.

  6. As bad as these men are, there are even bigger jerks walking around alive well and not in jail. None of them should be roll models or paid so much to spread the ‘fertilizer’ that is thier calling card.

  7. First off. Isin’t it funny that the man’s name is Madoff.. As in he Made Off with the dough? What a douch.. I definitely think John Edwards takes the cake though.. My gawd, cheating is bad enough.. Don’t get caught & definitely don’t reproduce with the ho.

  8. I’ve got to say I agree with changing John Mayer with Spencer Pratt only cuz I know what a sleaze Pratt is and never heard (can I say that here) of Mayer *shrug* but the rest of the sleazebags deserve the top honors.

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