Big Sexy's Tiffany Bank: "Women Should Take Risks"

Another star of TLC's new hit show, "Big Sexy” on encouraging curvy ladies and finding your passion for fashion and life.
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Big Sexy’s Tiffany Bank: “Women Should Take Risks”

Tiffany Bank of TLC’s new hit show talks about encouraging curvy ladies to find your passion for fashion and life.

-Evette Brown

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Tiffany Bank is a super hot curvy model who’s appeared on the cover of magazines and has walked down numerous runways. She’s also one of the amazing ladies in TLC’s Big Sexy. The ground-breaking show premieres tonight at 10 pm ET. Like Leslie Medlik, Tiffany also refuses to let her size dictate how she should live her life.

We recently chatted with Tiffany on the phone about the show, modeling and life.

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At what age did you discover your passion for fashion and modeling? What prompted this discovery?

I guess it was in 2006 when I was 24.  I saw my mentor do a runway show for Jean Paul Gaultier. That was when my whole world changed with fashion.

I watched a sneak preview of the show and one of the ladies spoke about all of the cast members owning their sizes. What exactly does that phrase mean to you? How do you personally own your size?

There is such negative connotation attached to the words fat and plus-sized and I think owning what you are takes the power back from other people regardless of what other people think. You are confident and proud of what God gave you. Owning it is that you’re proud of it and showing all the good stuff. I don’t let fashion trends dictate what it is I can and can’t wear. Just because things aren’t made for me specifically doesn’t mean that I can’t get creative. I’ll go to Forever 21 knowing they don’t have plus-sized section and create something out of what they have to offer.

I have the same right to wear trends as anybody else. I wake up each morning and let things happen.

So many curvy ladies have negative body images, how do you encourage other voluptuous women to own their size and increase their confidence?

You have to realize that you only have one life. You’re in the body you are in for a reason. You have to appreciate what you have. Women should take risks to test the waters. If you’re not comfortable wearing something, then you should change that mentality for a day. Look at yourselves. Look at what you love about yourself. Focus on what makes you who you are positively instead of thinking and comparing to the mainstream and what media tells us is beautiful. It’s important to appreciate the people in your life who love you, don’t let social norms dictate who you are and who you want to be.

What is the best fashion advice that you have ever received?

Blogger Gabby Gregg from Young, Fat, and Fabulous, now called GabiFresh, said on her site, “I don’t buy things to make myself look smaller. If I want to wear something, I wear it. I don’t care what people think.” That liberated me. If I like it, I’m going to wear it.

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